View Full Version : ADI or ADI PIlot - Acceptable Horizon for Checkride?

12-07-2007, 08:04 AM
Ok, a dumb question, but is the TruTrak ADI or ADI Pilot an acceptable substitute for the horizon and directional gyros for use in a private pilot checkride? I would think so and I guess the ultimate judge is the examiner.

What say you?


12-07-2007, 08:57 AM
The PTS says the aircraft has to be capable of performing all AREAS OF OPERATION appropriate to the rating sought and have no operating limitations, which prohibit its use in any of the AREAS OF OPERATION, required for the practical test. It doesn't specify specific instrumentation requirements.
So . . .You need to be capable of performing the Basic Instrument tasks - Straight and Level, Clmbs, Descents, Turns to a Heading, and Recovery from unusual attitudes (mandatory). Lots of folks have done it without an AH or DG at all, just an ASI, Altimeter, and TC or T&B and a Mag Compass. I can't imagine why an examiner would balk at an ADI - but that's no guarantee it won't happen :rolleyes:

12-07-2007, 11:57 AM
You might want to call your examiner beforhand and tell him what it is and how it exactly mimics the horizon (i.e its like a turn and bank but actually works!) just to be safe.

I mean the ADI is an artificail horizon...it does the same thing as the mechanical instrument.

My DE for my instrument checkride enjoyed covering my Dynon up so I had to do partial panel with the Pictorial Pilot (without the autopilot engaged of course).

He was very complimentary about how all my new fangled experimental instruments worked..:)