View Full Version : New Dynon RV-9 (Revision I-July 2017) roll servo installation questions

09-28-2018, 01:42 PM
I'm installing a roll servo in my RV-9 and have questions, particularly because it's the newer Revision I version that appears to have changed significantly in both the parts list and orientation of installed hardware. I'm having trouble finding pictures of installed servos using this revision.

1. Per Revision I instructions, the rod end bearing is supposed to be connected between the servo actuator and the servo body. [In previous revisions it seems the rod end was installed on the side opposite the servo body.] The clearance this leaves between the end of the thin nut and body of the servo is exceedingly small, at best maybe the thickness of a thin AN960 washer. It appears consistent with the drawings, and doesn't rub, but it is uncomfortably close. Normal?

2. The large area washer is what contacts the limiting bracket and thus stops the rotation of the servo arm. Normal?

3. Finally, the drawings indicate that the servo actuator end uses a "thin male rod end" bearing while the bellcrank end uses a "standard male rod end". Confusing me about which is which is that the one that has the widest housing has the thinnest bearing (see first picture above), while the one with the relatively narrow housing has a much thicker bearing. Dynon provides two part #'s: 100836-000 (standard male rod end) and 100836-001 (thin male rod end). Which is which? Here's a picture of what I first assumed to be the "thin" rod end because of its thin housing, but its bearing was too fat to fit between the servo arm and the servo body. Thus, I'm assuming this is the "standard" bearing?

Any help greatly appreciated.

09-28-2018, 10:40 PM
Got a super fast reply from Don at Dynon. He mocked up the hardware installation and agreed that it was very close. He recommended inserting the bolt through the servo arm opposite the way indicated on the installation instructions. This does seem to provide much better clearance. Hope this helps others who follow with this new installation revision.

Great example of why I love having dynon in my panel. Thanks Don!