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This honor system site strives to be a stress-free, civil place for fans of Van's RV kitplanes to virtually network and solve building issues.  The goal is that when you finish your RV and fly places, and meet in person the people you have talked with here, you will already kind of know them.  First and foremost this site is about good people.

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May Wallpaper

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Fri May 1, 2015.  1137Z
Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend. 

May Wallpaper Calendar Online

Airborne!!! ...Dan Weyant 9A

At about 6:00 CDT this afternoon N96KD took to the sky for the first time.

Everything worked great, and she just jumped off of the field. I've got a few issues I need to work out before second flight, but overall I'm thrilled with how everything went!

Day 22: St. Kitts ...Rosie

Today was our last day of vacation, and starting on Friday, 1 May, it all TRAVEL back to the States and eventually home…this is the part of the trip I do not look forward to because it’s ‘back to the real world…’

N728TT is Now an Airplane! ... Todd Stovall

Well, it took a while to get here, and my experience with the Washington FSDO was a mirror of that journey, but I'm proud to report that N728TT is no longer a project and is now the latest RV-10 to join the fleet!

What is this material blowing by?

This is a new engine (IO-360 parallel valve, standard compression, vetterman exhaust) put together by Aero Sport Power (65 hours so far). I have noticed some seepage on the number 2 cylinder through 1) the hole where EGT probe is installed and 2) The exhaust joint downstream that exhaust pipe assembly.  ...

Embarrassing photo ...Jwputnam

I am learning about riveting the hard way I am afraid. I have made more than a few ham handed riveting errors that show up as dents and bruises, but I have corrected almost all of them. The painter is going to have to do the rest I suppose.

One of them does concern me, so I am posting this photo for comment, as much as it pains me to display it!  ...

NationAir is now Gallagher Aviation ...jestes

Attention all Vans owners and enthusiasts -

As some of you may know NationAir and Arthur J. Gallagher recently merged and from this merger NationAir will now be known as Gallagher Aviation. Remember this name Our office in Chesterfield MO is still devoted to all light aircraft and our Vans specialist remain the same.

We are still the same great team we have always been we just have a new name. You will still receive the quality service you have come to expect and trust from us. Please remember this new name and pass it along to your friends! See you at Oshkosh!  ...

Eagle's Nest Projects - SnF Youth Achievement Award

Why is my ventilation air hotter than ambient?

Can someone tell me why the air coming in the standard cabin vents is hotter than ambient?

Before you speculate....take a temperature probe with you and stick it in the vent while flying and compare it against a known outside air temperature.

Is it heat of compression alone? boundary layer ingested air from the cowling? heat leaking from around the cowling hinge (mine is fairly tight but i guess it could still leak some)?

Alternator Fooled Me ...DanH

There I was, flying along, minding my own business, and I get an "EIS VOLTS" warning. Uh oh, losing an alternator.  ...

Status Report ...N546RV

Well, the wings are as done as they're going to be for the foreseeable future. For the time being, I'm not going to bother riveting the bottom skins. Keep these things open until I've got all my plumbing and such finalized.


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photo courtesy Fred Bauer, Jr.

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