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December 14, 2018. Issue #4,718
This site is how our family eats and we would like to keep doing that.  It's donation month here, so if youíre a daily reader, arenít exempt, havenít donated yet in 2018 and would like to see this site stay afloatÖ.itís time to make it hap'n cap'n.  I'm going to post a joke each M-F this month. If you donít donate, the jokes are going to get more and more cornball - so consider yourself warned ;^).
  I'm not sending out thousands of emails...just this little note here for a few weeks - you get bugged enough in other aspects of your life.  Thank you to those who help keep this site online. (how to donate / am I exempt?)

Today's awful joke:
Q: What has four wheels and flies?
A: A garbage truck.

[ed. Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend.  dr]

Attention Texas B.C.* Squadron Ö.and anyone else who wants to show up.

Hear Ye! Hear Ye!  FLASH!  B.C.* Squadron Fly-out Lunch 12/15. Current BC Squadron Social Director Jay Pratt has set a date/time for THIS SATURDAY at KSEP (Stephenville) at HIGH NOON - planes secured and ready to walk the 2,780í to Hard Eight BBQ.

At 11:59:57 local on the ramp you will hear ď3, 2, 1Ē followed by ďHigh Noon! Butt Cracks ...WALK!Ē Current Wx forecast for KSEP is CLEAR and 53*F at meal time.  Itíll be nice to see some of the old gang if they can show up. Been too longÖ Hope you can come (and that some RV newbies show up so we can meet). It may just end up being Jay and me, and thatís plenty enough of an excuse for BBQ. ;^)

Extra points will be awarded for wearing a Santa cap. End of briefing.  Hope to see you there!

*Butt Crack


Impromptu Marine Corps Viper Missing Man fly by at small airport

Not long ago at our little airport L70 we were having a memorial service for one of the long time pilots who had passed away. During the service the unmistakable sound of some military helicopters in the distance could be heard but not seen due to the terrain masking their location. Eventually a flight of three Marine Viper gunships in loose formation came into view a few miles away passing the airport. The sight and sound even at that distance was awesome! As the memorial continued I ran to the hangar to get my handheld radio. By now they were out of sight and sound. I broadcasted in the blind on our CTAF trying to contact the helicopters not really expecting them to be on the frequency any longer if they were in the first place. "Military copters in the vicinity of Agua Dulce airport, are you on?" After a brief pause..."Atlas 20 and flight, go ahead" I told them we were having a memorial for a pilot veteran at the airport and asked if they could do I fly by.

There was brief silence as I figured he was conferring with his other flight crews. With enthusiasm and pride in his voice he replied, "We are on our way!" A few minutes later that unmistakable roar of the approaching low level attack helicopters could be heard. Then they popped over the low hills south of the airport in a tight V formation. The crowd looked in the direction of the approaching Vipers. People started cheering, people started crying at this awesome display of US Marine Corps airpower! As they passed down the runway in front of the crowd one of the Vipers broke off in a "missing man" tribute and disappeared. I can't find the words to describe the emotions of the crowd gathered to honor a fellow pilot and veteran.

Doug Abney.


Throttle Handle ...olyolson

I like the Fatboy throttle handles but the company doesnít seem to be in business anymore. Any suggestions on someplace to get a decent throttle handle with some functions on the grip like PTT or a locking rocker switch for smoke on/off?

I have an -8 with the standard Vanís handle that Iím not too crazy about, what other options are available?

FYI- I have one of the curved control sticks with the Infinity Stick grip in perfect working order in the plane now. Iím planning to change the stick to a straight stick I purchased from Vanís & a surplus military grip. If anyone has a nice military throttle handle I might be willing to work some kind of trade.

Looking for something like this:


Lower Cowl Hinge/Pin (RV-7) ...

Q: I have read several posts about this already but couldn't find exactly what I'm looking for -

I need to replace my hinges on my lower cowl at the firewall (bottom ones next to the exhaust, not on the sides). I ordered what I thought would be the correct size from A/C Spruce but obviously I was wrong. So I decided to take one of the hinges off, take a buddy's RV-10 down to Spruce yesterday (great excuse to fly the -10 ) and get them to match it while I was there. Well after bringing out what seemed to be every hinge they had I left there without new hinges. The common theme was that the hinge pin was the same size on all the MS parts but the surface sizes were different (well at least this is what the nice ladies said behind the counter). The other difference that I noticed is that all of the M/S hinges were the nice extruded ones but my hinges for the bottom are not the good extruded hinges, they are open end and probably why some have broken off. But they are a much large pin hole.
So I figured looked on Vans this morning and now I'm confused even more.
For those who have built their -7, do you remember if the plans called for a heavier/larger hinge or was this something that each builder did differently. I found in a couple of post that some of the RV-8 builders had used MS20001. I'm not sure which size or even how this is sized. What should I be measuring?
My plane is 12 years old with just over a 1000 hours so going back to the builder and asking him may be a much tougher task than just figuring this our myself.
BTW, i'm not interested in replacing it with fasteners. I love the clean hinge look and want to stay with that. Plus the hinges that riveted to the plane/firewall are not broken, just the ones on the cowling so I'm only going to replace that half hence the reason I'm trying to get an exact match.

Thanks in advance for your help

A: They are the same as the side hinge. The 1/8 piano hinge.  Here is dwg 45 for the -7's with the the cowl instructions for reference.


Plumb Bob ...Bill Boyd

Daddyman, I got it done. Epoxy shims under the temporary screws are setting up, getting ready for the final few steps. This is a sit-back-and-savor-the-moment moment.


Terry Mortimore Dual Battery Photos ...johnbright RV-6A

Ref posts #4 and #8 in this thread.

Terry Mortimore's dual battery photos are shown below and are in the google photo album here https://photos.app.goo.gl/oRyKLG3i4AHxUGWE7

Terry has RV-6A with EFII which uses SDS ECU. As an aside, do not assume EFII and SDS are wired identically.


Dual Battery Photos ...9GT RV-9A

Here are a few photos I have of my dual battery installation on my RV-9A. I fabricated up a couple custom size boxes for Lithium Ion batteries. With the added weight of everything required for a dual battery install on the firewall, the heavier C/S three blade MT prop, and the Anti-Splat Nose Job bar, SS and fiberfrax firewall fire-stop, I wanted to lighten up on other things FWF, so LI batteries for me. I had dual batteries with two masters and contactors on the RV-10 and the second battery got me home when my alternator gave up 100 miles from home. Right now I have a 40 amp relay that is hard wired to the battery with a fusible link to feed an essential buss for the avionics but am re-thinking that. I will probably do away with the E buss and load shed by switches if needed. My E buss was going to be diode protected to prevent shut down of the avionics during engine starting, but I have since decided on adding a GAD-27 and that will take care of that for me. No schematic for you but simple architecture. Pilot side battery is main battery. I can use either the left, right, or both as desired for starting and accessories.


RV-7 but wondering ...new guy chimes in

Iím a prospective builder getting close to ordering the RV-7 empennage kit. Iíve been working on my garage/shop, starting to purchase tools, practicing skills, and lurking on VAF. Iíve always dreamed of an RV-7 but when I visited Vans in the fall they highlighted the RV-14 as a state-of-the-art kit and better for cross-country travel . Unfortunately, the demo -14A was in the shop so I wasnít able to do a back-to-back comparison with -7A. Needless to say, I loved the the -7A, but my rational side says I should seriously consider the -14 because newer must be better. When I asked the folks at Vans they said: ďit depends on your missionĒ but, clearly they market it as a more comfortable travel machine which can still do acro -- the best of all worlds.

Iím 6í and plan to fly it for fun including learning aerobatics and travel with my wife or one of my two nearly college-age children.

Right now, Iím still leaning to the -7 QB because:
(1) its history ó a lot of people have done this before me and report good things
(2) its nimble and sportieró maybe Iíll get over this when I grown-up
(3) it looks really good ó Itís personal, but I feel the proportions of the RV-7 are ideal

The only thing that would push me back to the -14 would be if it was truly a better engineered aircraft, but aside from the kit-quality, I see no evidence of this. Am I missing something? To those that are building or flying a RV-7 or -7A would you have gone with the -14 if you know what you do now?



Using the Correct PAPR Page For Rebates ...DanH

Flew the required maneuvers in rule airspace yesterday. When I got back to the office I Googled for the ADS-B PAPR (Public ADS-B Performance Report) webpage and filed a request.

Got a very clean PAPR report by email in less than 30 minutes, but it was the only attachment; there was no GAIRS report (General Aviation Incentive Requirements Status), the document in which you'll find "Pass" or "Fail", and your Incentive Code. The Code is needed to complete the process and actually apply for the rebate.

It turns out there are two near-identical PAPR webpages accepting the same inputs, URLs below. The first will generate a PAPR report now and in the future, any time you want to know how well your ADS-B system is working. However, it does not trigger a GAIRS. To get both a PAPR and a GAIRS, you must use the second webpage. And no, it doesn't say so anywhere I could find.


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...when using the classifieds.


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photo courtesy Fred Bauer, Jr.

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12-15-2018: Texas B.C.* Squadron (12/15 lunch fly-out)...KSEP

01-12-2019: EAA 471 Breakfast~Abilene TX

02-09-2019: EAA 471 Breakfast~Abilene TX


RV-Super Cub? (PA-18 RV-18)
Would you build one?  Let me know.  I'll add your comments to my sales pitch for the mothership.  Enough people with 'I'm ready to order right now' next to their name might raise the eyebrows of those who would decide down the road.  (57) names to date.  Updated 12/12/2018.

Latest Feedback:
"[snip]....As someone who has (nearly) finished building an RV-8, and has also helped build and fly two experimental Super Cubs, I want to add my voice to the group who would almost certainly get in line to buy a Vans "RV-18" Super Cub.....[snip]"  ---Buck Wyndham 12/11/18

Would you build one?  Let me know

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