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January 23, 2018.  Issue #4,485.
  Pic below a blast from the past.  Randy Richmond at 52F after take off.  1/250s.  f/13  ISO:100  226mm.  Canon EOS-1D Mark II N.

scaled to fit / full size


Thoughts RE: the Thermal Expansion of Plexi ...AlexPeterson

I re-read this thread, and have some thoughts.

It seems we've been discussing stress concentration factors, which are typically used when, for example, one places a strip of material containing holes under tension. The stress is "concentrated" around the edges of the holes in the manner depicted here:

However, this does not fit our situation entirely. The above depiction assumes the tension is not being applied directly on the edges of the hole. In the case of canopies attached entirely or partially by rivets, once the acrylic has contracted enough to contact the rivets at the extreme ends, the force is applied at the hole. We now have a local contact stress which may be extremely high.

Bill's interesting test of attaching a strip of acrylic to a steel angle might have a different outcome if the strip were wider, yet still attached in the same way. The resulting force on the fastener will be proportional to how wide the strip is. Our canopies are really wide, as analogized to this strip test.

I guess for me, what remains a mystery, is why they don't all crack... When I take mine from a 45F hangar out into 0F or so weather, the clicking it makes is horrifying, once the engine is running and the rapid cooling begins. The clicking is presumably the acrylic shifting relative to the frame, as the mounting scheme was designed to allow. If it stops clicking I need to worry.

It has been doing this every winter for 1600 hours/16 years, and hopefully it will continue to behave. The -8 is obviously worse case, given its length and the apparent mis-match to the curvature near the aft end.


Motivational Video ...Nigel

[ed. After watching some of the video I said to myself, "Hey, that's the same airport I'm based at.  Then I had a light bulb over head moment and remembered this is the nice guy who put a new roof on my house after the last bad hail storm (his day job is running a roofing co.).  Thanks again Nigel!!!  v/r,vafdr]


Low time Pilot, New (to me) RV, motion sickness

Hi All, long time lurker here, only a couple of posts.

I received my recreational cert. back in 2012 (Australian equiv of a sport pilot i suppose).

My 1st flight was in a Fly Synthesis Texan, on a hot bumpy day. Another student on the ground before my flight said, "Don't throw up!". We got into the circuit started doing basic effects of controls etc. I'm getting greener. I said to the instructor, "i'm going to spew!" He handed me a towel and I used that. Nothing actually came out of me, just a big burp, was a strange experience. We landed, and I called it quits for the day.

I ended continuing my training, and it took me, according to my logbook, about 19 hours to go solo. I battled air sickness the whole way. I then completed the endorsements I wanted (cross country, radio, passenger etc).
My instructor was(and is) convinced its all in my head. I, to a point, agree. Sometimes I would feel sick before we were even airborn. It was never a case of being nervous about the flying or the landing. I knew I could land it, fly it, navigate etc. I was afraid of being sick.

I kept flying for another year or so in a rented aircraft, which was a ICP Savannah with a very light wing loading, STOL kind of aircraft. Probably not ideal for our climate. Hot, humid, bumpy etc. Then work rosters and things changed, didnt have time to continue flying.

Fast forward to present day. I now have a lofty sum of 60 hours total time.

On the weekend, I pulled the trigger and bought a RV-7a superior io360 cs dynon SV touch etc, nice plane.

Went for a short flight with the owner, and again its the middle of our summer, hot humid and bumpy, After 15 mins, I'm asking to go home. No vomiting, just the sweats and queezy.

I know it has been a considerable amount of time since I've flown, and I'll never be an aerobatic king, but I'm stubborn and have wanted an RV ever since I found a stack of sport aviation magazines in a secondhand shop when I was a kid.

But now I'm thinking I've made a mistake. More then anything, I get angry/disappointed/ashamed about being sick, and disappointed that I cant enjoy what has been my passion since I could talk!

Sorry for the long winded post.

input/opinions appreciated.


Flap rod rod end bearing

Going through archives and found this post. Im installing my flap rods and have run into the same issues with the rod end bearing running out of enough tread after washering out from the flap end rib. This is a RV4. Im sending my drawing, Im having trouble understanding the spacer added to get the rod spaced further inboard. Did you use a different rod bearing than specified? Thanks for any pics drawings or info you can share. I could make this work, its just a lot more hole running up the fuse than I wanted.

RE Flap Pushrod Testing for Fauilure ...Scott


3D Printed Tie Down Ring Fairing Update ...Steve Melton

I've never been faster. 141 kts at 20.5 MP, 2325 rpm at 2500 ft. low power setting. low clouds. this is about 6 kts faster than my normal speed. temp = 10C.

Flap bracket fairings with buttons and tie down fairings, both sides. Slipping thru the air. The tie down fairings worked perfectly, concept 1 rev 2. I plan to evaluate concept 2 in the future but I'm pleased so far.


A Stiffener Mod to the Lower Cowl of a RV-8 ...seen at 52F.  dr photo

scaled to fit / full size

scaled to fit / full size


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