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This honor system webezine strives to be a stress-free, civil gathering place for fans of Van's RV kitplanes to virtually network, answer questions and motivate one another.  The bonus is that when you finish your RV and fly places, and meet in person the people you have talked with here, you will already kind of know them.

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10/2/2015  0002Z.  #3,959. 
   Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend.

Sign Up for the RV-6/6A 30th Year Celebration at AirVenture '16 ...Rosie

To my RV Family of Friends!

Charlie Becker (of EAA) and I have been working on a sign-up sheet for AirVenture 2016, and it's ready for 'beta' testing exclusively here on VAF

If you are planning on attending next year's 30th Anniversary Celebration of the RV-6/6A by flying in with any model RV, please sign-up here on the registration form.

If you have suggestions to improve the registration form, by all means, pass them on. We can then update/finalize the form and release it to the General Public via EAA SPORT Magazine and such at a later date.

I look forward to seeing AirVenture 2016 SHATTER any previous records for RVs flying into OSH!!!! Let the registrations begin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Keep poundin' them rivets because it's ALL worth it!!!



Eagle's Nest Projects - Young Eagles Yearbook features Austin Malcomb


N507RV "Sweet Escape" Engine Out ...[ed. Our online friend Bryon Graves off field landing.  Both OK.  dr]

I have not been on here a lot lately so have lost contact with a lot of great people I have met and spoke with along my journey of building N507RV. I am sad to say "Sweet Escape" suffered a loss of engine Sunday 9/20 while I was flying a local flight. I am very thankful to report me and my girlfriend walked away from the incident with minor scratches. I feel the 5 point Crow harnesses and the fact that I had a sliding canopy contributed a lot to our outcome.  Here is the preliminary NTSB report that explains what I experienced.

The NTSB is still in the process of investigating the reason for what I believe was ignition failure based on what happened. My LASAR magnetos were just recently rebuilt 6 months ago due to experiencing a gradual little rougher than normal engine run ups. The mags have appeared to be running strong for the last 20 hours or so of flight the last 6 months. I am not sure what the outcome is going to be with my insurance company as there is quite a bit of damage to the vertical stabilizer, left wing, fuselage, and canopy. I may end up having to rebuild another aircraft or find a project that someone has ready for an engine, panel, and paint to finish up since my time is very limited to involve anther 2,400 hours plus of build time. Again, I am very happy to walk away from the incident and happy the RV air frame is as strong as it was. I will always have many memories in this aircraft and will always treasure the many photos I have on my walls being sponsored and supported by GoPro.

(in later reply)
Dan, I was able to slow the plan down to about 25-30 mph while on the rear gear only holding off the front gear until it finally came down. The field was very muddy and was doing all I could to keep the airplane straight using rudder control to prevent cartwheeling as we were fish tailing back and forth in the mud. It ended up being an alfalfa field they sock every night, however from the air looked like short crops such as strawberries. My front nose wheel was updated per the SB 07-11-09 nose gear service bulletin from Van's. The field was so muddy, unfortunately a tip over was pretty much inevitable. The canopy cracked on the top where it hit during the front tip over. I am grateful I had a sliding canopy as the frame of the slider served as a roll bar to protect me and my girlfriend. The tip up may have been a different story since there is no support around the plexiglass canopy. We were trapped under the airplane, however once I determined we still being supported by the tail, I was able to kick out the sides of the canopy and escape.


Switchbox Remote New Product

$199 VAF PILOTS - Switchbox Remote Pre-Heat - New Product
Switchbox Control is entering year 5 for the popular Switchbox Remote Pre-Heat starter. We spent time this summer photographing RVs (attached) and updating the free Iphone, Ipad and Android Apps for Switchbox, so they all offer the same useful features for remote-starting your aircraft pre-heater or cabin heater. Download for free here.

iPhone or iPad here - Free
Android here - Free

Also, If there is any interest here, we have a new product for the VAF forum.

Switchbox "Strip" model, only $199. We have not officially launched it yet, but its ready for sale if we get enough interest. 

Email below if you would like more info

SwitchBox Strip $199
- 2 individual outlets controlled via SMS or Phone Call/Free
- 6' Power cord
- 1000W total power handling capacity
- Works with free Iphone, Ipad, Android and Web Apps
- External removable Antenna

Accessories available on our website
- SIM Card 
- Wired Antenna

* Below are the features different from our original SwitchBox unit
- Not weather sealed
- No SIM card included with credit and online account access
- No Wired Antenna included
- 1000W Strip vs 1800W Original Unit
- Can not run Engine Heater + Cabin Heater (1000W max limit)

Details below for Original Unit
The SwitchBox
The easiest, cheapest and safest way to remote control any electrical device.

For Pilots: No more driving to the airport hours before a flight. Turn on your Engine Heater from your cellphone, and simplify your cold flying routine! TIP: Activate a 2nd device like a Cabin Heater for your sensitive avionics, or a Coffee Maker before you arrive!

For General Use: Your new 'Smart Home' with the easy automation from SwitchBox. Remote control your heating, lighting and air conditioning, from anywhere in the world. TIP: Turn On the A/C before you get home, or check to see if you left the lights On and turn them Off.

- Electrical: 120V/60hz. Max Power Handling 1800W
- Network: T-Mobile Preactivated, $3.00 credit on account included, Cost to run for the entire year ~$30
- Features: Custom Timer up to 18 hours, Security List for blocking unknown callers, Includes 10' extended Antenna
- Warranty: 1 year Mfr parts & labor, 30day money back guarantee, FCC and CE certified
- Operating Manual found at
- Shipping: In Stock


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photo courtesy Fred Bauer, Jr.

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