A small, honor system webezine trying its best to be a laid back virtual watering hole for builders/pilots of Van's RV kitplanes - more and more important in today's increasingly nutzo world.  Brought to you by the Reeves family.

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Oct Wallpaper

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October 28, 2016.   Issue No. 4,235.
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend.


Eagle's Nest Projects: Wings Over Houston '16 ...Ernie

PLTW Aerospace Engineering Students, Mentors, and Teachers from Clear Springs High School in League City, TX displayed three completed Eagle's Nest Projects at Wings Over Houston. Clear skies and cool temps set the stage for record attendance and an opportunity for hundreds of families to experience first hand the outstanding accomplishment of local high school students.

Most adults just couldn't believe that high school students built these beautiful aircraft. After a few minutes however in conversation with one of the student-builders, disbelief generally turned into absolute amazement.


Ugh!! Back Riveting mistake!! ...Jeff

I just KNOW that I am the only one to do this, but just in case I'm wrong, here's what I did. I am in the process of backriveting the stiffeners onto the aileron skin. Everything was going well when I started riveting this rivet and discovered that the back plate had shifted and I had nothing for the rivet head to rest on for the flush finish. Wound up with a slight but unsightly divit in the surface of the skin.

I've already redimpled the hole but the entire thing still has this divit.. Wondering what magic procedure will help flatten this area around a new rivet... perhaps setting it back in the backing plate and then slightly hammering either with slow rivet gun or manual hammer, over a small socket that would surround the dimple, but drive down on the skin. Also has to the stiffener to help in the process.. I was hoping to send a few pics, but I can't seem to be able to do that, which is also very frustrating!!


Making the EFIS Look More 'Boeing Like'

The 'goal' was to have the MFD show me the things that might hit me, and the basic nav points...and not much else.  De-clutter a bit by playing around some in Setup and Map Display settings.  Zooming in beyond the 3nm level shows all the private and unpaved strips for an emergency (I could also hit the 'NRST' button of course).  Force it to stay in 'night mode' to turn the background dark.  Turn off topography.  Moved the engine stats strip along the top over to the PFD.  You get the idea...

Still fiddling with it, and until they add a 'Boeing mode' for the nav screen I think I can make due just fine with this.  Less is more (for me and nav).

The role model: Boeing nav screen...
Photographer anon. (I owe him lunch though).

My RV-6 PDF and MFD on a fuel run.
RNAV 17 active and approaching glide slope capture.
click to enlarge)


RV Over French Enclave ...Vlad pics


DIY Field Notes ...a.k.a. How I queue up content for the site

I have a very non-standard career, as you already know. The workflow requires being around a computer of some sort pretty much 24/7. And since I'm always looking for content for the next day's edition, I'm forever searching for the perfect way to remember tiny bits of information for later.  You can probably relate.

It could be a reminder to promote something that's coming up this weekend (and maybe I remembered that while I was eating lunch at Wendy's). It could be the thread number of a particularly interesting topic in the forums I saw using my phone, somebody I met at the fuel pump at a nearby airport inspires a few paragraphs of copy, etc. Grocery lists.  After a flight I put 5-10 words and the time flown (#deer, approaches flown, etc)...I'll put it in the logbook when I get home.  Multiple input sources....one struggling brain that wasn't trained as a writer (but is trying).

I've tried capturing this information into a pocket digital recorder, into 3-4 apps on my phone over the years, on little pieces of paper in my back pocket and a dozen other methods all in the name of efficiency. I keep coming back to something similar to the 'Field Notes' pocket-sized notebook.  But those are too thick for my pocket.

Of course, being a pilot, the idea of spending $10 for three little paper books....well, you know how that's gonna go.  I love the DIY internet sites, and they didn't let me down.

A piece of cardboard folded that was on the back of something we got in the mail, five sheets of printer paper folded over, cut and stapled down the spine and I am in business. Trimmed to the exact size for the side pocket in my shorts with gardening sheers. If I have $.10 invested in this thing I'd be surprised. And I can build another one in about 60 seconds when I fill this one up over the course of about 2-3 weeks.  Keeping the page count small keeps it thin enough to not get on your pocket's nerves.

If you go to the actual Field Notes site, you'll see each "model" has a back story associated with it, I guess to connect to the hipster crowd maybe?  I remember Cabbage Patch kids, and that's what that reminded me of. ;^)

I'm a pilot, and an RV builder, and that means I'm thrifty by default.....so of course I'm perfectly fine with a notepad I made out of junk mail ;^).

Seriously, these things are nice to have in your pocket. It's faster to get the information down with a short series of words and symbols than it is to type it in some 'improved app', IMHO.  The cardboard is industrial this time around and should hold out over its short life.  Also, if I drop it in the toilet it won't stop working and cost $500 to replace.  A good mechanical pencil, or a cheap fountain pen with a medium nib that slops out a ton of cheap ink, and Baby, you got a stew going!  I hope you clicked on that link and laughed...

I wrote this 'article' as a matter of fact using little one word topics that I assembled over a couple days in the corner of one of the pages.

So here's the latest 'VAF Field Notes' pad, complete with doodling on the cover.  Its life will be brief, but productive.

Yours in thrift...


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photo courtesy Van's Aircraft, Inc.






photo courtesy Fred Bauer, Jr.

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