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This honor system site strives to be a stress-free, civil place for fans of Van's RV kitplanes to virtually network and solve building issues.  The goal is that when you finish your RV and fly places, and meet in person the people you have talked with here, you will already kind of know them.  First and foremost this site is about good people.

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Fri Feb 27, 2015.  1306Z
Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend. 

Dad's Tools

My Dad was a machinist at the Owen-Illinois glass plant in Waco, TX nearly his entire working life.  When he passed away 15 years ago some of his tools became mine.  A few weeks ago I took some time to re-organize some of the drawers in a small wooden toolbox, and thought you might enjoy a picture.  Tate (14yrs old) was with me, and I got to explain how and why you use taps, dies, reamers, micrometers, lathe cutting tools and more.  I got the same speech around his age.

And it begins anew...  Here Tate is tearing down a 1980 Honda Passport scooter using some of my Dad's tools.  He wants it to be red, and that sounds like a great plan.  Many sources for the service manual (links) allow him/me to tear it all down, measure what is and is not within service limits, replace the worn stuff, and put it all back.  Over 60 million built...plenty of cheap parts out there.

What I like about this last picture is the mix of old and new, of history and potential.  The non-disposable mindset.  A new kid working on an old scooter swing arm and motor with his grandfather's tools (who he never got to meet).  Next to that a new replacement rudder skin (mine has a couple of small cracks after 12 years of flying - older style thinner skin).  And don't forget the can of WD-40!

I told Tate when it's done I'll hand him the keys on two conditions: 1) he never sells it and 2) he never sells the tools.  The scooter...not the rudder (rimshot). 


RV-3B Status Report ...Andy Hill


We are excited to welcome a new advertiser to : Aero Sport Power!

Aero Sport has been building experimental engines for Vanís airframes for over a decade. They have a great reputation for building quality engines and after-market service. Their builders have built thousands of engines for Vanís owners. They remain dedicated to the Vanís airframe platform, and look at growing your power plant options. Stay tuned for a pending announcement (before 2015ís Sun Ní Fun). They welcome you to drop by their booths at Sun Ní Fun, and Oshkosh to hear about their exciting new engine, and say, Hi.

Aero Sport Power has been part of the Progressive Air Group of Companies since its incept in 1997. We are pleased to welcome Aero Sport Power to our front page and forums.



KELN Pancake Breakfast Saturday


Press Release from Garmin


AeroLED Selfie ...Sid (ScrollF4)


IFR - Clearance copy practice


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