A small, honor system webezine trying its best to be a laid back virtual watering hole for builders/pilots of Van's RV kitplanes - more and more important in today's increasingly nutzo world.  Brought to you by the Reeves family.

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April wallpaper

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April 24, 2017.   Issue No. 4,357.
  I'm beginning work on compiling the annual 'RV Social Calendar' for OSH and will put it in the daily rotation here on the front page starting a few weeks before the show (we're still 91 days out).  Planned events are starting to show up in the forums (
the BIG event...the 'RV Social' Monday, as well as a beer tasting and RV-10 dinner on Sunday).  I'll continue to look for things popping up over the next three months.  I'll add the banquet when I know that, Van's forum talks, and the model-specific gatherings that always show.
  I really enjoy the organic manner in which most of these gatherings come about, and that they orbit around current, future and past RV builders and owners hanging out shooting the RV breeze.  I've had the thought occur to me more than once that these social gatherings get more outsiders interested in the RV hobby, and motivate more current builders, than just about anything.
  Hope you had a good weekend.  

Major Older RV-6 Repairs Complete ...BruceMe

Another grand bird back ready to be flown soon.

Not exactly a from-scratch, but I just finished all upgrades and repairs and I'm ready for the first conditional inspection on this plane in 3 years. It's been quite a journey. In many ways more technically and emotionally challenging than thee full RV-4 build, but I feel really good right now that it's done and just wanted to tell VAF. Thank you all!


N183RC first flight ...Rick 'rjcthree'

With Dave Ross at the controls, N183RC took flight for the first (and second) time this morning from KPLR (Lorain County). Once the first flight bug was worked out (more later), Dave spent about a half hour over the airport confirming performance and handling, returning back with a perfect landing.

Post flight inspection revealed a single issue where a bit of baffling was contacting the ring gear (H2, different geometry around the snout), to be adjusted before next flight.

Pictures, video and a long list of thank you's to follow, but for right now, thank you Dave for you skill and time, and my lovely wife Irene for indulging my little airplane addiction.

N183RC: RV-9A, Tip-up, O-320-H2AD, fixed Sensenich, half Classic Aero/homegrown interior. Painted in SW Genesis M and some accent vinyl. D-180 w AP, SL-30, GTX 327, G496. Empty weight 1113 lbs @ 77.69" with full fairings.


Putting an RV Grin on a Former RV Builder's Face ...N941WR

My neighbor Nick had his father visiting this week. Walt is in his mid-80's now and is a retired airline pilot. Nick followed in his father's footsteps and is an active airline pilot.

Walt had built an RV-4, -8, Hatz, and a Zinair 750, which he currently flies. He is also helping a friend build an RV-7.

Just before lunch I texted Nick and asked if his father wanted to go for a ride. The obvious answer was a resounding YES!

Walt is not very tall, maybe 5'-5" and after sitting down in the -9, he realized that he couldn't see over the nose and asked about that. He had flown his -4, 8, and a 6 before but he said he had never had a problem seeing over the nose. No big deal, he didn't want to do the takeoff or landing.

We took off and after we climbed about 400 feet he took over the controls. After some gentle turns, a couple of 1G stalls, and some other maneuvers, he declared that the RV-9 flies like an RV. He also was surprised that in level flight, the nose dropped away and visibility was better than he had feared with the tail down.  ...


RV-7 Status Report ...Simon Hitchen

The final piece to be painted.... getting ever closer to the move to the airport.


RVs and Serving ...terrykohler

A U.S. Navy P8 recently completed a training mission, and before heading home, made a stop at The Marine airbase at Cherry Point, N.C. During the stop-over, one of its crewmembers, PO2 Erich Kohler, officially began his third tour in the Navy with a swearing-in ceremony conducted onboard the Poseidon.

Erich is the son of my brother Mike (RV6 N8491K), is currently based in Jacksonville, Florida, and serves as flight crewmember for VP8. Erich started his service in the Navy as an electrical/instrument repairman, followed by a crew position on a P3 Orion, before eventually transitioning to the new P8 Poseidon. Hes also currently heading for the finish line at Embry Riddle University (as is his younger brother, Alec, whos now in the midst of an instrument rating to go with a degree). Im very proud of these young men. Erich honored our family by asking his cousin to handle the recent ceremony.

Delivering the oath to Erich was Lt. Commander Dr. Leah (Kohler) Spring. Leah is our eldest daughter, a build assistant on N323TP, and is currently serving as Staff Dermatologist at Naval Hospital, Camp Lejeune. When she completed flight and aeromedical training in 07, N323TP took me to Pensacola where I was privileged to pin the gold wings on her. Afterwards, Leah served as Flight Surgeon for Navy VP45 out of JAX before assignment to the Marine KC130J group based at Futenma. It was in Okinawa where she met and married Major Tyler Spring USMC, then an aircraft commander with the Mighty Sumos. For a guy with mostly heavy metal time, hes a pretty good stick with 3TP.

Eleven years before all of this and a recent medical school graduate, Leah received her own service oath from Captain Roger Bentlage, USN (Ret.). Roger is a very close friend; he built and flies an impeccable RV-7 as well as a Pitts S2 out of Marquette, Michigan. Roger spent 3,000+ hours putting together N531MR from quick build wings and fuselage. The extended build time was the result of an engineering background combined with Germanic lineage. Everything is on CAD and theres more documentation than an A380. Nuff said.

Finally, I should mention that my youngest build assistant, daughter Lauren, is slated to return stateside this summer following a three year stay in Germany. Lauren and family will be moving to Rhode Island, where husband, Army Major (select) Josh Fender, will attend the Naval War College (Josh has already received a little flight training in N323TP and can expect more). Lauren is a former mental health counselor for the DOD and an adjunct Psychology Professor and, while the only fruit salad on her blouse was likely put there by one of her young daughters, shes very much Army.

Besides family, the thread that ties much of this together is an incredible little airplane we built in our garage over 13 years ago. Today, it resides at KPTK, next to an RV-7A, N442DP (Dave Pohl) and an RV-6, N16TG (Ted Gauthier). For the coming year, the primary mission for N323TP will be to provide Peggy and me with timely, regular transport to Camp Lejeune and Newport, with an occasional trip back to the family camp on the shore of Lake Superior.

Life is good.


Dropped Pmag Retaining Bracket into Accessory Case ...erich weaver

Bad day. As i was reinstalling one of my pmags I dropped the aluminum retaining bracket and it disappeared through the mag hole I nto the accessory case. My heart sunk as I realized what I had just done. Reached my fingers as far in as I can to retrieve it but I can't feel it and I don't see it with a lighted mirror. Thinking it has likely dropped down into the oil sump and I will have to remove that to get it out. Does that sound like the right course of action?


Thanks for any words of wisdom you may have.


RV-10TDI Pictures ...Flandy10


Test Flying (flights 2 and 3) ...Chattin35

On the second flight, I planned to stay up for a couple hours and run the engine as hard as I could to help it break in. Well, the #2 cylinder was indicating about 100'F colder than the others. At 290'F it was below Lycoming's recommendations for continuous ops so I decided to land and see what was up.

I pulled the plugs and probes on the #2 and #4 cylinders to make sure they were connected properly and the plugs were firing as expected. I also peaked inside both cylinders with a borescope. Everything looked normal. So, I put all back together and took it up again. And, guess what... it was working fine. #2 is now my hottest cylinder by about 10'F. All were within 20-30'F of each other.  ...

Test Flight #4 ...Chattin35

5.1 hours on the tach after shutdown.  The plan was to fly it hard until it reached 5 hours, then land and do the first oil change.   Flight data at mid-flight:  ...


Transition Training in Virginia ...trib intoduction

I just wanted to let the group know that I am available for transition training in my RV-6A in Virginia at Chesapeake airport (KCPK).

A little about myself- I finished building my 6A in a short 13 years and began flying it in 2009. I have a bit over 500 hours in it now. I retired in January of 2016 after 33 years as a nuclear engineer. After receiving my transition training in 2009, I thought it might be something I would be interested in doing during retirement, so before I retired I obtained a LODA from the FSDO to allow me to perform transition training in my airplane. As soon as I retired, I went to American Flyers in Pompano and completed their CFI/CFII academy and obtained my rating (I highly recommend them if you are interested). Ive now been instructing for about a year and decided Ive gotten my feet wet and it was time to start up the transition training. Ive also been fortunate enough to get a position flying right seat in a group of three corporate jets (Hawker and Challenger), which is a blast.  ...


Finally! PPL checkride complete! ...Scott 'punkin'

I drug it out too long, two airplanes, lots of solo time and messing around, finally got in a 172 long enough to get comfortable-ish and did my checkride today.

I had zero solo time in a 172...it was all Pa-20 and RV-6...but I learned enough about steering a nose wheel and going slow to get a handshake!

Now, time to go give my girls a ride in the RV!


Jackpoints Available (RV-8 now and others coming soon)

Don is about to be an advertiser (I'm working up the ad).  In the mean time, here is his product and contact info:

fmi: info: ecckers@cox.net   ph#760-518-2198


Hi Res/LARGE RV Panel Pics

A project continues...   Use your smart phone to take a pic of your RV panel.  Email it to me full size.  I'll host it.  Here's my panel full size as an example (3,264 x 2,448 pixels) - taken with a nothing-special iPhone.

More are starting to come in now...  See 'em.


Drainage Improvements ...my home field.

At Fly52F.org...matting laid down to hold seeds in place.  Made out of coconut husks I was told.


How to Minimize the Chance You Could be Dealing with a Scammer

...when using the classifieds.

Model-specific subforums

photo courtesy Van's Aircraft, Inc.






photo courtesy Fred Bauer, Jr.

VAF Calendar ...upcoming Events for the Next 60 Day(s)

04-22-2017: Super Breakfast with EAA Chapter 165
05-06-2017: Essex Skypark, MD (W48) - Pancake Breakfast
05-20-2017: KFFC RV Squadron Fly-In & Cookout !!, EAA Chapter 846 Fly-In Pancake Breakfast
06-03-2017: Bakersfield, CA Annual Fly-in EAA Chapt. 71
06-10-2017: Mitch Lock Fly-In (W29)...Chesapeake Sport Pilot


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