A small, honor system webezine trying its best to be a laid back virtual watering hole for builders/pilots of Van's RV kitplanes - more and more important in today's increasingly nutzo world.  Brought to you by the Reeves family.

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Sept Wallpaper

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September 26, 2016.   Issue No. 4,211.
  Guess who has an amateur radio license, Technician class, as of 3:30 PM Sunday, September 25th?  Yup!
  If you're of the opinion that this is a hard test, please let me help alleviate those fears. Just go to this page, click on and print out the
Technician Study Guide - 14 pages). Study it for two hours the morning of the test, arrive an hour early and study for one more hour in your car.  Glance at this chart a couple of times.  Drink a Dr. Pepper.  Pay the $15* to take the test and score a 91.  Go to Jason's Deli afterwards and get a salad because you feel guilty about that Dr. Pepper.
  Now begins the process of researching which APRS tracker to purchase. I'll probably end up just asking Sam or Pete or one of the other RV folks already doing it, and go with whatever they tell me slash suggest.  Open to idears...
  The nice guy at the testing center said I should get something in the mail in about 10 days. I'll let you know what my call sign is when I find out. 



Sport Class Start Reno ...Tim O'Brien photo via Bob Mills


Jay Pratt's 70th Birthday Pics  

It sure is enjoyable to be able to visit with friends. Some of these folks I don't see enough, and it's just a lot of fun to get to catch up. Our entire family had the pleasure of attending Jay Pratt's 70th birthday party. A few of the usual suspects arrived in style from the air, and I was on the ground with a long lens for the arrival. Our son Tate manned the other camera and got some pictures of the birthday boy and the festivities.

Fun had by all and we all wish our friend Jay many, many more happy birthdays like this!


RV's at U.S. National Aerobatic Championships (OFFA 70+) ...ronschreck

  We have arrived! Bill "WillyEyeball" McLean and I arrived at North Texas Regional Airport (KGYI) this "afternoon. It's a "Bucket List" for both of us old geezers: a first attempt at IAC competition at the national level! Bill has been flying his RV-4 in competition for a few years longer that me and he does things with that old -4 that you wouldn't believe. And he does it with 160 horsepower and a fixed pitch prop! I have seen him wipe up the tarmac with Extras and Pitts so I'm anxious to see what he does here in Texas. Bill is an optometrist by trade and does research projects for the US Army at Fort Rucker. (Thus the WillyEyball handle.) He signed up with the Air Force early on and was denied a pilot slot because of less-than-perfect vision. Besides, they said that pilots are as comon as dirt. What they needed was an optometrist.
  We met up in Grenada, Mississippi on the way to Texas so we could spend a few days together practicing our Sportsman routines before heading to Texas. Bill lives in southern Alabama and I live in North Carolina, so Grenada was a great place to meet and they have an aerobatic box right on the field!


Tick, tick, tick -- fixed! ...Ed Wischmeyer

On the last flight in the RV-8, right after takeoff, there was an unusual sound somewhat like the electric fuel pump. I landed immediately, and then...

The pulse repetition rate seemed too slow to be engine related, but first priority was getting the plane on the ground, not debugging the problem at low altitude.

Next day, took the cowl off, and Mike, my IA, inspected the engine carefully. Nothing. Loose rubber strips flapping? Nope, but close.

On the RV-8, there is an air intake under the right wing to provide fresh air to the back seater. Mike found that the scat tubing had a tear, and perhaps that was the culprit, with the tube flapping back and forth. He managed to cut out the bad portion of the tube and then reattach it, something I'm not sure I could do.

This morning, it was time for the test flight. Tower cleared me for takeoff, maintain runway heading. Uh, no thanks... if the problem wasn't fixed, I wanted to be able to turn downwind immediately. Takeoff clearance declined. And on the takeoff, I was aware that landing on the crossing runway would have been dicey, at best.

But the good news was that the noise had gone away. Once again, reinforcing the safety adage that in a homebuilt, every flight is a test flight. And that's not a bad attitude for spam cans as well.


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photo courtesy Van's Aircraft, Inc.






photo courtesy Fred Bauer, Jr.

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