A small, honor system webezine trying its best to be a laid back virtual watering hole for builders/pilots of Van's RV kitplanes - more and more important in today's increasingly high stress world.  Brought to you by the Reeves family.

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Feb Wallpaper

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February 22, 2019.  Issue #4,766
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend!

Usual Suspects Formation Practice 52F


From the Mothership...

Van’s own Sterling Langrell speaks to a group of Civil Air Patrol cadets and leaders during a tour of the Van’s Aircraft factory on Tuesday evening. It was a large crowd of motivated and interested youth! We conduct tours for the public twice daily at the factory on weekdays, at 9:30 am and 1:30 pm. Or, let us know if your group is interested in coming out to learn about building RVs!


You're Not The Only One

(who cracked a part getting in/out with some parts off).

(RE: F-01447)
Ughh, I made this mistake too when getting in and out of the airplane without the cover plates screwed in. It really bothered me but I came up with a fix that leaves it stronger than it ever would have been without adding much weight. The rudder cables are right there so I believe having a brace makes sense for an obviously vulnerable part.

I had a very small crack forming. I stop drilled it using a #61.

I drilled out the nut plate and then fabricated a .025 backer piece. I used a 3/8 drill bit to radius the turns and cut the piece on my bandsaw. I bent the flanges on the backer plate using a handseamer and then clecoed it in place a little bit oversized. The backer piece is tied into the floor, the front of the floor and the bulkhead with lp4-3 rivets. Everything was match drilled and the nutplate holes dimpled. Trimmed the backer plate to size around the match drilled holes and clearing the hole for the rudder cable. Re-riveted the nutplate behind the backer piece and set the pop rivets. Once it was all done I put a dab of jb weld on that I will file later so the crack is not visible after paint. Anyways it really bothers me but will be hidden by the cover plate anyways and at least I don't have to worry about it cracking any further in the future! I built one for the other side and installed it at the same time.


Control Stick Wiring Issue Resolved ...Keith Rhea

I finally figured it out and tested it seems to work ok. Had to add a 12vDC to the input through a 4.7Kohm resistor.


From Kitplanes Newsline

BRS Whole Aircraft Parachute for Van's RV-10.  $26K


Thanks Vic!

Came in the mail yesterday.  I see on the back he's giving Stein a run for his back-of-shirt joke money ;^).


Mothership First Flight Stats


Introducing the VAFcast

Episode One: Chris Pratt ...37min 46sec.  37MB.

...my clunky stab at a podcast.  The inaugural guest is good sport and RV-8 builder/pilot Chris Pratt.  Unpolished, full of mistakes, questionable audio levels, a host with laughable interviewing skills and no commercials.  I hope to do at least one a month.

Thanks to Chris for being the guinea pig.  You can find him in the VAF Forums as user 'chrispratt'.  Good egg.


Mothership Job Openings


How to Minimize the Chance You Could be Dealing with a Scammer

...when using the classifieds.


Model-specific subforums

photo courtesy Van's Aircraft, Inc.






photo courtesy Fred Bauer, Jr.

VAF Calendar ...upcoming Events for the Next 60 Day(s)

02-20-2019: Wednesday Fly In Breakfast 15FL

03-09-2019: EAA 471 Breakfast~Abilene TX

03-16-2019: 11th ANNUAL SHAMROCK FLY IN

04-13-2019: EAA 471 Breakfast~Abilene TX

Van's Bush Plane?
Would you add an RV to your
stable that could utilize bush wheels, floats and snow skis? ...in other words an RV 'SuperCub'
Please and thank you.  I would like S/N 1 and I'm standing by with my credit card right now!  Let me know if you would like to build one, also.  I'll add your comments to my sales pitch for the mothership.  Enough people with 'I'm ready to order right now' next to their name might raise the eyebrows of those who would decide down the road. 

(69) people so far interested in building it now.

  • Read my sales pitch (gathering names)  

    NEW  "You can add me to the list of potential customers. I’ve completed an RV10 and am currently looking at building a Bearhawk Patrol or RANS S21…but would prefer a Vans product based on the very positive experience I had with them on the -10 project."
    Bob Crooks

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