A small, honor system webezine trying its best to be a laid back virtual watering hole for builders/pilots of Van's RV kitplanes - more and more important in today's increasingly high stress world.  Brought to you by the Reeves family.

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Nov Wallpaper

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November 15, 2018.   Issue #4,699.

Ken Linde pic of Axel (AX-O).


Pink Cowl Seam Fit ...snoopyflys

Hi Fiberglass Gurus;

Now the cooler weather is starting to move back into my area, I started to turn my attention to reading, staring and mulling over the cowl fitting on my RV-7A. In the photos below, I think I have the top and bottom cowl somewhat in the position to clear my Whirlwind GA prop spinner (3/16") and close to finished along the firewall. However, the seam line between the halves gets progressively wider (open) as it proceeds forward to the spinner. Here some pics of where I am now;  ...

And a solution:  (DanH)

A common question in my PM inbox is how to extend the edge of a cowl that has been trimmed a little too short. The subject has been covered very well in the past, but perhaps a dedicated thread will search better.

There are two methods. A small extension (like 1/8", maybe 3/16") can be done with a flox/epoxy mix. A longer extension is done with multiple plies of glass fabric.

Both methods are based on a scarf joint. Block sand the scarf with coarse grit paper. The scarf should be 3x wider than the glass thickness, minimum. The wider it gets (5x, 10x thickness) the stronger the joint becomes.  ...


A hold and approach...jpowell13

Still needed a hold and one more approach by the end of the month. Ceilings were about 1,000' yesterday, but there was an icing forecast near but not exactly in the space I would be flying. The wind was gusting to about 20 knots and there was a turbulence forecast near but not in the space I would be flying. I hung around the airport waiting for better conditions, but decided to write it off and try again another day.

Ceilings were about 1000' and climbing this morning with an icing airmet from the surface. Winds were about 8kts. By late morning the icing airmet was lifted and surface temps were at 41F. There were no precip reflections. Overcast extended from 1400' up to 2900'. A 172 took off and flew an approach while I was prepping the plane with no apparent difficulty.

I filed "local IFR" and flew a hold and an RNAV approach to landing. The temp at 3000' was 32F, and I saw mist in the clouds, but no ice on the aircraft. I may have cut it close with respect to icing, but with the ceiling at 1400' the airport in Marginal VFR conditions and with flat terrain and no tall antennae where I would be filing, I reasoned I could let down below the ceiling in a pinch. It worked out well today. Should I have flown or stayed on the ground? John ...


New stock Titan 340 engines ...VAF advertiser

For anyone looking for an engine for their RV 9, Continental Motors has 2 lightweight, fixed pitch 340 Titan engines in stock. One high compression (9.0:1 180 HP) and the other low compression (8.0:1 174 HP). They have Precision Silverhawk fuel injection and dual P-mag ignition. These are the same dimensions as a Lyc. 320 but make more power. Motor mounts are Dynafocal Type 1. The high compression one has horizontal cold air induction, the low compression one has vertical induction. Propeller bushing I.D. is 3/8". Contact me at Titan Engines if interested.
jball 'at' cmg.aero


Boiling fuel/vapor lock..an engineering question...Mark33

So as we all know, boiling fuel, caused by either heat or decreased vapor pressure at higher altitudes is not a good thing and causes vapor lock. I know that different types of fuel (Avgas VS. Mogas) have different temperatures and vapor pressures at which it boils, but for this discussion let's take that variable out of the equation and pretend that regardless of the type, that it all boils at the same temperature and vapor pressure. So:

1. Does anyone know how much pressure is required to overcome this boiling point and to keep the fuel in its liquid state?

2. As the temperature or altitude increases, does it take additional pressure to keep the fuel in its liquid state? If so, is there a simple formula to calculate that variable?  ...



From Garmin


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...(25) calendars will be randomly inserted with what the mothership is calling a 'Golden Ticket'.  One is worth $750!  Think Willy Wonka...


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photo courtesy Fred Bauer, Jr.

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12-08-2018: Abilene,TX~EAA 471~Breakfast, EAA 471 Breakfast~Abilene TX

RV-Super Cub? ...making a case for one.
Would you build one? 
Let me know.  I'll add your comments to the end of the document.  Sales pitch document updated 11/14/2018.

Spotlighted Feedback
 Added 11/14/2018
"DR, i keep reading your super cub RV-style posts and can’t help but to dream about landing on dry lake beds and on dirt roads. Open windows, with my wife’s hair blowing around and the camping supplies in the cargo area. the advances that the RV-14 kit has over the 3, 4 and 8 (ones i have experience with) are ridiculous. How nice would something like that be to build for the Van’s diehard like ourselves? How many more aviators would come over to our empire? This may not be fair to other companies out there. They would have to compete against Van’s top of the line products and services.
I am in!"
-----Axel (AX-O). RV-4 [ed. Guy in the splash image up top today. v/r,dr]


Off Topic

There really are no words, but damn if I didn't watch it three times.

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