We roll civil here, don't talk politics, don't employ 'attention engineers' or record your keystrokes and clicks.  Here we want you to complete your RV, check in from time to time if you feel like it, and fly your plane for decades while enjoying the friendship of like-minded folks.  VansAirForce.net is a small, honor system webezine trying its best to be a laid back virtual watering hole for builders/pilots of Van's RV kitplanes - more and more important in today's attention-fragmented, angry world.  Brought to you by the Reeves family

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June Wallpaper

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June 3, 2020.  Issue #5,097.
  I received some nice emails and texts yesterday and today from friends congratulating Suz and I on 30 years of marriage.  Very much appreciated and all saved.  We are lucky and thankful to have so many friends.
(Looking for a part time contract pilot? How 'bout me?)

Show us your RV-8/8A ...sapeloson entry


My RV Weekend ...crabandy

My daughter and I picked up a puppy in Missouri and delivered it to my Sister in Law in Louisiana. My daughter was excited enough about the flight she was willing to learn about aviation weather and help plan it.  --->


Flywheel timer ...greghale

I've come up with a flywheel timing pointer that allowed me to set the ignition timing from the top of the engine. It clamps to the flywheel. You point one end of the pointer at the timing mark on the flywheel, clamp that position then move the prop until the other end of the pointer points to the crankcase split. I came up with this to help in timing my IO-540 with the new 6 cylinder E-Mag from the top of the engine. It can also be used for timing a standard mag. If the crank case is covered up by a baffle, you can transfer that position to the front side of the baffle for the pointer to point at.  --->


Skin Deburring Question ...RV701775

On skins and other punched parts where there are curves or bends in the punched area there are significant burrs on each side of the curve that I am finding difficult to debur without taking off quite a bit of material from areas around the curve. If I use a flat needle file it leaves a notch that could create a stress concentration, so I have been using a curved needle file but it is necessary to increase the radius to maintain a well curved surface. This creates a slight hump. I wanted to get some feedback and possibly some photos or examples of how other handle these areas.  --->


Spark Plug Tech and Choices ...kaweeka

I added to a prior post about spark plug heat ranges after finding dry fouling on my BR8ES plugs in all cylinders. (Compression is good, 76-78/80) I run an IO 320 B1A with dual LSE Plasma III and AFP injection with 9:1 pistons. I typically fly LOP. Klaus' manual recommends the Denso IK27 which is actually a cooler plug that the NGKs in there now (the 8 heat range corresponds to a 24 in the Denso world). I wrote Klaus but, no surprise, haven't heard back. Using the 27, or even 24 when already noting fouling with the current NGK doesn't add up to me. While looking and reading, I came upon the website for Brisk Racing. There are myriad plug types and one that I am not familiar with called a multi-spark plug.

The description is this: "they produce more than one spark per impulse of the ignition system. More than one simultaneous point of ignition results in better and more spontaneous ignition of the air-fuel mixture. Spark Plug sparks are not shielded by the ground electrode; therefore it provides faster, unrestricted expansion of the flame front. The mixture burns more uniformly and more quickly. The result of better utilization of available combustion energy is more power, better acceleration, lower harmful exhaust emission and reduction in fuel consumption."

It says it is designed for high output ignition systems. Would this be applicable to my set-up? Has anyone used or considered this brand or specific plug before? I do tend to overthink things so I apologize in advance. I am NOT an engineer but want to learn and understand these questions as they arise. It makes me safer and better able to make decisions that are beneficial to my aircraft and flight safety. I appreciate any knowledge from you all.

Thanks and be well everyone,


Looking for manf of mag synchronizer ...pazmanyflyer

Does anyone know who made this unit? No other marking on the box. My Googlfu search skills aren't working tonight. Wanting to find the operating manual for it online to verify if it's still works.


Rudder TE Riveting Technique Question ...Randy Carmichael

First build project--having fun so far--but still in the early learning stages.

Specifically, I'll be starting soon on my rudder trailing edge. Double countersinking is done in the TE wedge, double sided tape is standing by, and everything is dimpled and ready to go as soon as I finish attaching the stiffeners and shear clips to the skins.

I've been studying ahead to the trailing edge instructions and have seen some warnings about the difficulty of achieving truly straight TE's. Also seen some posts about twists occurring in the TE as rivets are final set in the double flush fashion required. Some posts have referred to setting half of the TE rivets in one direction and half in the other to minimize twist.

OK, finally the question: Since the direction of the shop head is "builder's choice" on a rudder, has anyone tried alternating rivet direction with every other rivet in the TE? If every other rivet had the shop head on the same side, alternating with manufactured heads would that not tend to offset twisting tendency? Would it look lousy as a finished product?

Maybe I'm overthinking it--wouldn't be the first time--but just curious.


RV-10 Build First Day: Inventory Time Lapse ...Matt McCoy


Hans' RV3 - O-320 with a twist

Hi guys,

After a hiatus of about a year, the withdrawal symptoms from selling my share in the RV-4 became too much. And so I have bought myself a -3. The plane is in need of a fair dose of TLC, which I plan to give it.

Coming from a number of Subaru powered aircraft projects that are still racking up trouble-free hours and outperforming all expectations, the knee-jerk reaction was to lose the O-320 and put one of my Subaru conversions on. But I really think I'll pass this time and go with Lycoming. With a twist.

My plans thus far - and comments VERY welcome. These Lycomings are new to me ;-)

1: The plane comes with a mid-time O-320 C3B. I believe it to be somewhat of an oddball, only used on a twin (can't remember which one) in the mid-1950's. Old style parallel mounting points. 7.0:1 compression. Hollow shaft. Carburetted. I don't fancy buying a new engine and then try to get this one off my hands. So the plan is to keep this engine as the starting point.

2: As much as I'd love to go all-out, paying 13K for a C/S prop is not in the books for this plane.

3: I want to run mogas in it. 100LL costs upward of $12 per gallon here, even in this economy. Mogas is still $7-ish per gallon, but gets things within the realm of affordability. Mogas here is 98 RON, which is about 93 in US measurements.

So, the plan for the engine:
Take the cylinders off, do a valve job, check the valve guides.

Change the pistons for 8.5:1 items. I was thinking of the ASC75089F from Combustion Technologies. (what's the word on their products?). I believe 8.5 is about as far as I can go with Mogas, right?

Do I need thick piston pins for these?

Then - Can I fit new rings, or should I then also hone the cylinders?

Injection and ignition will come from two Link ECUs:
Each tank will have its own high pressure fuel pump (preferably IN the tank to eliminate all vapour lock issues) and fuel return line. Each side will have its own fuel rails and fuel injectors. And its own ECU.
Each ECU will also run its own set of ignition coils and (automotive) plugs.

Since you don't want both ECUs injecting fuel at the same time, two externally connected switches (to eliminate any single point of failure) will kill the power to the injector drivers of one ECU at a time.

There will be no more fuel selector valve. The ECU that is at play for injection determines from which tank fuel is used.

Each ECU has its own battery en bus. Batteries are fed from the alternator through a FET coupler.

So basically the only thing that is not redundant is the alternator. I can live with this. If it fails, I'll have two batteries to run things until I land.

If anything else fails, it will be on one site. I then also lose the availability of the fuel in that fuel tank. My flying is not between Iceland and Greenland, so I can live with that.

So, to continue:
Now that the carburettor is no longer needed, and carb icing no longer is an issue, I might as well get those intake runners out of the sump and get some cold air into the engine, rather than lukewarm. So I'll weld up a new oil sump and new intake manifold, with one big throttle body, and some ram air.

And yes, I know. There are vendors out there who deliver excellent products for what I am thinking of here. A few of them are even RV pilots. It's just that after half a dozen engines (including a 600 hp Ferrari V12 in a car project), I feel up to the challenge of developing my own mouse trap.

So... What do you guys think?

Oh, and what power output can I expect? I figure coming from 150 hp, the 8.5:1 will give me 160. The fuel injection and more accurate and stronger ignition 5, the cold air induction another 5 and maybe a handful for better flowing of the intake? So between 170 and 175? Or would that be overly optimistic? It would be somewhat important when ordering a prop from Catto...
Hans Teijgeler
Hilversum, The Netherlands


VAF's ISP Move Project

Got an email from my ISP 5/18 that they are getting out of the hosting business and I have until 9/10 to get my data somewhere else.   The hunt for a new host begins.... 
[6/1 update]  Plans are coming together and I'm very grateful of the VAF Brain Trust.  Still stressed, but not so bad now.  dr


Need a Gulfstream Pilot?

My friend James is looking for a job (he flies an RV-4 at our field).  Type Ratings: GV, GIV, G200, CE-500, EMB-145 (SIC) Full resume.


Group Buy: PCU5000XX0XX ...ends June 15th.   VAF advertiser.

"Hello VAF Members,

It's been a while since we posted our last PCU5000X propeller governor group buy. Our plan is to run a group buy exclusively for Vans Air Force Members starting today and running though to June 15th, 2020. After which, we will count the orders and return a final price. As usual, volume will dictate the discount you receive. Below is a breakdown of the tiers. All of which are lower than our typical price.

(related: How VAF Group Buys work)


Mothership and COVID-19 ...updates.

...no factory tours.  ...no demo flights. 


Mothership Job Opportunities


----->>>>>;; How to Minimize the Chance You <<<<<-----
----->>>>> Could be Dealing with a Scammer <<<<<-----
...when using the classifieds.


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Most things on hold temporarily.


Would You Build an RV "Super Cub"?

If you would, let me know and I'll add your name/comments to my sales pitch
You never know....    
86 have contacted me saying they are interested in building one.

With a nod to the late Chris Farley (Matt Foley sketch):

*catchphrase by someone you would know who
wants to remain anon. (wasn't me). 


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(EMB-505, PC-12, C208)



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