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May Wallpaper

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April 29, 2016.  00:01 UTC.   Issue No. 4,106.
   It's the end of the month again so it's time for me to, as unobtrusively as I can, gently remind regular readers that honor system donations are a huge part of what keeps the lights on here.  Donation totals updated 4/27/16 19:12:21 CDT.  The year is 1/3rd over, and clicking on the chart at right will show you where our family small business stands with donations.  (691) unique 2016 donors to date totaling about $13K after taxes.
  If you're of the belief that I'm giving 'ol Mark Zuckerberg a run for his money with all this, let me just put that rumor to bed.  Kidding aside since this is my full time job, PLEASE support this website if you use it regularly - all we've ever asked.  All we ever will.  Life is complicated enough, and I like to keep it low key here.
Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend. 


Grass Strip Stop in Pictures ...Vlad 9A (1E8 in Degrasse, NY)


RV-10 First Flight ...Rick Lark

Finally, after 6+ years and 5000 man hours, RV10 #40956 (C-GDMH) flew it's first flight today.
Many people to thank for all the help and guidance. Bill Peyton, Ray Doerr, Ivan Kristensen, Art Penner just to name a few. Many other non fliers also to be thanked. And last but certainly not the least, my spouse Sandra.

Flew about 45 minutes with only one squawk (RPM's were higher than 2700 on take off) out of CYHS (Hanover, Ont).

Looking forward to many more flights.

Rick  #40956  Southampton, Ont


PIREP in Pictures ...AX-O

Folks have been asking how it is going lately.

I took my wife (and the plane) on the first trip outside our area. My wife absolutely loves the plane and told me she is attached to it already. She is really happy with the additional room that the rocket canopy/fastback offers.

A few people got to see Dilemma for the first time at the formation clinic. All the comments/feedback were positive. I learned that I don't like the pitot tube location because it complicates tie down. My other plane had the aluminum pitot line and had more clearance.  continue


Calendar Wallpaper for May Online

Joe and Sterling depart 52F in the -14A demonstrator.


24 hours straight with two strippers ...DaleB RV-12

Since we've had a very entertaining thread about Hookers (harnesses), I thought I'd post my experience with a couple of strippers too.  So I have an airplane with lots of paint that will need to be removed before it can be re-painted. When I say "lots", I am not kidding. There appears to have been no real surface preparation or priming done, just some paint sprayed on rather thickly. It seems to be an automotive base/clear of some sort. The builder apparently had someone do it who is perhaps not the best painter in the country.

Since I'd like to minimize the mess and toxicity, I decided to try a couple of non methylene chloride strippers. I've had excellent success with Citristrip on many surfaces with stain, varnish, spray paint, etc. And Spruce sells some stuff called PTS-202 that claims to remove epoxy and urethane paint effortlessly. I even found a Youtube video of it being used to strip a Caravan or something. Pretty impressive, that one was.

So I brought the spinner home and brushed one side heavily with Citristrip and one with PTS-202. A couple of hours later there was no indication of any change in the condition of the paint. Since it's pretty heavy paint, I gave it another heavy brush coat of each. That was around 11 PM last night.  continue


SuperTracks!! ...installed.  Anthony Greco RV-6


How Vlad Does That APRS Art Stuff ...Vlad RV-9A

Step 1. Study your airspace. Stay out of arrivals/departures you have more room to the east to play then I have here. Be ready to talk to ATC at any point of your flight.
Step 2. Take a tablet/phablet/smartphone with any nav app and draw a circle or any geometric figure on it. If unable to draw choose anything on the map i.e. VOR circle, lat/long square etc. Choose an entry point.
Step 3. Have an APRS tracker or any kind of tracker with on/off switch.
Step 4. Switch the tracker on over entry point.
Step 5. Switch off when done. Enjoy your track on Google Maps.

I am using Foreflight and having a stylus it's relatively easy to dot a figure looking at 2D silhouette. I also can print on transparency and dot it over iPad Pro. Takes a bit of time but you have some fun hand flying precisely. It's very easy to botch a sky drawing especially complex ones. Couple seconds missed on 140 degree turn and your line is crooked. I completed about 20% of what I drew because of traffic, weather, birds, winds, late/early turns, iPad puked etc <g>.


flightradar24 app ....$3.99 well spent (I think)

I finally broke down and went from the free app to the 'upgrade'.  I like to sit in a chair in the front yard around sundown and hang out with the dog, watching the jets go over.  We live halfway between the LEGRE and YOHAN intersections on the ILS/LOC RWY 18R at KDFW.  Now I know what jet it is, where it has been and when it will fly over my house.  I really like watching the Airbus 380's fly over, and we get two a day here in DFW.  A few times a week it flies 2000' over my house dirty with the power up.  I can now schedule the dog's bathroom breaks with this...

Screen grab below filtering everything out except Airbus 388 traffic.  I pointed the camera at a contrail yesterday over N.TX (the little binoculars in the upper right corner of the app) and it turned out to be an Airbus 380 at 40,000' on its way to Houston.  I'm starting to get the hang of identifying jets by their engine noise sitting in a lazy boy watching TV in the evenings.  'That's a two engine Airbus'....then I look down at the iPad to see if I was right.  Cheap fun.

I miss that old DC-3 cargo plane that used to fly over at 10pm each night...those radials sounded wonderful.

(click to enlarge)

Our house on the 18R inbound course KDFW. 
Our spare upstairs bedroom My office looks out at this...dr


Are you inadvertently voiding your insurance policy?

...Shanna at Gallagher Aviation (VAF advertiser)

"Did you know most Pleasure and Business policies do not cover instruction in your Vans Aircraft if the person receiving instruction is not a "Named Pilot"? This is typically true even if the CFI is a Named Pilot. Always be sure to double check with your broker prior to allowing your friends and loved ones to get instruction in your aircraft."

(later reply)
"During a BFR the CFI does not necessarily have to be a “named pilot” as long as you are current and remain PIC. The only time I can think of offhand where there would be a gray area is if; Let say you became incapacitated for some reason and the CFI had to become PIC during the flight (and he did not meet your “Open Pilot Warranty.”). But this would be a rare and unlikely instance.

In most cases getting a BFR in your aircraft without the CFI being named is perfectly fine."


Proof of RV Enjoyment ...Vlad -9A

[ed. How long do you think it will be before 'VAF' stands for 'Vlad's Air Force'?  Let's just call it that as an a.k.a. <g>.  Vlad, thank you again for all the motivation you provide!!!  dr]


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photo courtesy Van's Aircraft, Inc.






photo courtesy Fred Bauer, Jr.

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04-30-2016: Chino RV Fly-In and Planes of Fame Warbird Show
05-07-2016: North Carolina May 7th, 2016 Cox-Grantham Airfield annual Spring Flyin. 6nc0, Essex Skypark, MD (W48) - Pancake Breakfast
05-14-2016: KFFC Fly-In & Aircraft Spruce Customer Appreciation Day!
05-28-2016: OK18 Memorial Day Fly In 2016
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06-04-2016: Bakersfield, CA EAA Chapt. 71 fly-in, L45
06-25-2016: Wings Over The Rock

52F Airport News ...where theVanCave is.
A multi-year effort to turn what might possibly be the worst runway in Texas into something you would look forward to landing your RV on.
FMI: www.Fly52F.org

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