A small, honor system webezine trying its best to be a laid back virtual watering hole for builders/pilots of Van's RV kitplanes - more and more important in today's increasingly high stress world.  Brought to you by the Reeves family.

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Sep Wallpaper

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Sep 19, 2019.  Issue #4,916  
  The Tater picked up a cold, so I used that excuse Wednesday to bring him a care package and buy his lunch near SMU.  Cough drops, tea and honey, Keebler E.L. Fudge cookies... After we ate some Bubba's chicken I watched him skate away on his board to his chemistry lab, with what society would deem fashionably dressed young students scattered about my FOV.  As the boy rolled away I saw the back of his shirt - the P-47 'Tarheel Hal', a shirt from the Lone Star Flight Museum bought many years ago.
  That boy's head is screwed on right, me thinks.  How many of the 12,000 students know about Tarheel Hal?  My guess would be exactly one.  Two if you count my daughter, but she has already graduated. ;^).
  Next item:  If you are in the DFW area and are looking at adding on a multi-engine rating, I got this text from my MEI today:

"Doug, I had a student just cancel and a training slot open up starting next week for a test on October 10. Do you know anyone that could use that slot?" 

  If you're interested in knocking out your multi in a few days, Lora's contact info is: Lora.S.Lewis 'at' gmail.com  (910) 583-Three Two Eight Zero.  Lora has a Diamond Twin Star with a G-1000 and a control stick (just like an RV).  You can read about my multi rating add on HERE if interested.  I'm glad I did this and would do it again - and don't kid yourself....it's not that easy to find multi-instruction in today's flight school environment.  Most schools want a 'Zero to ATP' student now, and show add-on folks like me the door.  It took some time to find Lora.
   Did I mention the plane has air conditioning?


Vid of RV-4 Takeoff

52F's James in his RV-4 taking off Wednesday morning.  Surprised how well the little mic in the iPhone picks up that awesome engine sound.


New RV-4 Owner ...Jake

So my wife and I decided to sell our ultimate tool (Piper Comanche 260) and buy the ultimate toy (RV-4). We ended up buying N213WT an RV-4 with 180 hp O360 and FP metal prop. you can tell she was definitely built right, but is showing some wear and outdated from when it was finished in 1993. I plan to fly it into winter and then take it offline for a major refurb and complete paint. since the original cowl has numerous cracks I decided this is definitely the time to replace it with a sleek Sam James cowl and plenum. I am on their waiting list but unfortunately they are saying it could be up to 6 months, obviously you guys really like their products. That'll push the paint back to spring but with what we have in mind it should really be worth it. This makes atleast 7 RV's in our local EAA chapter, several built and several bought, but the number is growing. Looking forward to meeting more of you in person


Back Seat Storage Pouch or something ...fl-mike

I call this the "Purse Box", but the wife is going to have to downsize... Sized to clear the rear stick and mount to the back of the standard front seatback.  ...



Flew local sending a message to my bride via Flight Aware:

RV-7 Status Report ...rmartingt

Small update... plans to acquire the rest of the engine parts are on temporary hold as my employer has announced layoffs... I think I'm going to be okay but just be sure, I'm holding off on making purchases.  In the meantime, I've decided it's a good time to fabricate my center fuel pump/fuel line/wiring cover:  ...


RV-8 Status Report ...Foghorn


VAFcast #5 ...Matt's RV-6 at 52F

32min 19sec podcast chock-full of RV vitamins and minerals.


Mothership Job Openings


How to Minimize the Chance You Could be Dealing with a Scammer

...when using the classifieds.


Model-specific subforums

photo courtesy Van's Aircraft, Inc.






photo courtesy Fred Bauer, Jr.

VAF Calendar ...upcoming Events for the Next 60 Day(s)

09-21-2019: Fish Fry Fly-In 9/21/2019 KFRH
09-28-2019: Wendover Airfield Airshow - 2019, Wendover Air Show, Wendover, Utah, Long Island Airpark (NC26), North Carolina Fly-In
10-11-2019: Petit Jean 2019 ... The RV Gathering on the Mountain
10-12-2019: Petit Jean 2019 ... The RV Gathering on the Mountain
10-13-2019: Petit Jean 2019 ... The RV Gathering on the Mountain
10-14-2019: Petit Jean 2019 ... The RV Gathering on the Mountain
10-17-2019: High Sierra Fly-In, Reno, NV
10-18-2019: High Sierra Fly-In, Reno, NV
10-19-2019: High Sierra Fly-In, Reno, NV
10-20-2019: High Sierra Fly-In, Reno, NV
10-25-2019: Pine Bluff Formation Clinic
10-26-2019: Pine Bluff Formation Clinic
10-27-2019: Pine Bluff Formation Clinic
11-02-2019: 1st Annual Chili Cookoff & Fly-In


Would You Build a Hot Weather RV "Super Cub"?

Something RV that offered:

1) High wing shade for us sweltering in the hot climates,
2) Open windows and/or doors in flight (see above), and
3) A chance to get our RV STOL on!!! (click for video).

If you would, let me know and I'll add your name/comments to my sales pitch.  You never know....     (77) people ready to order.  

----->>>>>  As of 9/4, the backorder wait for <<<<<-----
----->>>>>  a Ran's S-21 is 14-16 MONTHS. <<<<<-----

A video I'm betting you'll enjoy...

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