A small business, honor system webezine trying its best to be a laid back watering hole for builders/pilots of Van's RV kitplanes - more and more important in today's increasingly angry world.  Brought to you by the Reeves family.

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June Wallpaper

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June 27, 2016.  00:03 UTC.  Issue No. 4,146.

RV Gathering @ KPYM and Vlad's Birthday Surprise! ...Dvalcik

RVs in the NE all converged on Plymouth MA, KPYM. Captain John our host out did himself along with his Neighbors on either side of his hanger. Great get together, good conversation, a lot of lies, and fun for all.  continue


Teen Flight 4 RV-12 First Engine Start ...greghughespdx

On Saturday, student members of the Teen Flight 4 class in the Portland, Oregon area met for their regular weekend session at KHIO, Hillsboro, OR. This class of young men and women has been working on the fourth RV-12 being built by the program, which is part of the Airway Science for Kids organization.

This weekend was a rather momentous one, as TF4's Rotax engine was started for the first time. Mr. Jerry Van Grunsven, one of our mentors, did the honors with one of the students, Matt, in the cockpit to help. Afterward, all the students who were in attendance posed for a quick photo to commemorate the occasion.  continue


Cumulo-Granite ...RV8JD

A few pics of Mt. Olympus peeking out of the clouds today, on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State.


Pylon Racing School Videos ...AX-O

Finally got around to looking at some video. Below are 2 short videos.  The join ups at Reno for the races are different than the standard rejoins. There you always join to the outside.  This was my first lap around the Medallion course. I was "following" my instructor Shane. He was flying Bob Mills' Super -6.


Beautiful RV-8 Flight Over the Rockies ...colojo

The smoke from the western wildfires finally cleared out a bit and I enjoyed a nice, smooth flight over the foothills west of Denver this morning. Captured a nice shot of the hills with the high peaks in the background. Great day for an RV grin!


Next Generation RV Grin ...Rob 'Traynhr'

My son and grandson continue to experience the "RV grin" every time they take the RV8 out! Today, my grandson wanted to go from 3 g's to 3.5 g's in turns. The guy is five years old and is already emulating his dad's fighter pilot background. We've had lots of planes and flown many more but never, ever have we had one that brings us this kind of joy!


A2A Pics ...Closterman

Some great pics of my RV-7A. Now 42h on the hobbs and I truly love it !!  A dream come true!


Model-specific subforums

photo courtesy Van's Aircraft, Inc.






photo courtesy Fred Bauer, Jr.

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Mothership News

Fly52F.org News..where theVanCave lives.
•The 'Hyde Restrictions' no longer exist.  New runway soon.  (more info)
•Runway Construction Committee evaluating civil engineering finalists
My thoughts on the wonderful future of our airport.

The Property Owner's Association is now the airport's governing body.


Off Topic
[ed. 27 minutes of footage I've never seen before.
If you like the Apollo space stuff, you'll like this. v/r,dr]

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