A small, honor system webezine trying its best to be a laid back virtual watering hole for builders/pilots of Van's RV kitplanes - more and more important in today's increasingly high stress world.  Brought to you by the Reeves family

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Apr Wallpaper


Advertise on VAF.

April 10, 2020.  Issue #5,059.
Our thoughts and prayers continue to go out to all those affected by the CV-19 global junk punch.  I consider myself fortunate that this hobby gives me a place to focus my energy during this trying time, and I trust you feel the same.   I hope you all are finding that time in the shop building your RV is both relaxing and productive.
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled EASTER weekend.
  (Need a contract pilot or right-seater?...DFW area)

RV-7 D-ESOT First Flight ...Harold

Dear RV friends,
I would like to share my successful D-ESOT RV7/72535 first flight happiness in this amazing, entertaining and helpful VAF. I enjoyed working on my RV every minute and, like many of you, the building process was accomplished by up and downs, sense of achievement, and also moments to cry due to paint issues. Thank you Doug for this information platform, as a passive member I read regularly in the forum and got specific information for my project from it. I also got information about new products and the corresponding addresses to spent a lot of money

D-ESOT configuration is: ECI Titan OX-360 A4HIN (-FIS) with Silver Hawk FI, Christen inv.oil, Andair loud fuel pump , Andair gascolators, G3X touch single screen/all you can connect, GNS430W, GTR225A, PS5000X, GTX335.
The first flight was conducted in EDVE (Braunschweig) by Georg from Hamburg, enjoy viewing the video.


18% Experimental & LSA NPE ...RV6_flyer

Many of us have updated our aircraft with ADS-B out. Was reading an article and 18% of the Experimental and LSA have nonperforming emitters.

As Experimentals, the Gov't gives up lots of leeway to do things ourselves. It is great being allowed all this freedom but there is a responsibility that what we do must not only be SAFE but it must work correctly. One does not just make a change (install new equipment) and go about our merry way. We need to TEST and make sure that it works the way it is suppose to.

We as Experimental Aircraft Owner / Operators can use the FREE FAA's Public ADS-B Performance Report Request (PAPR) website to test our ADS-B out.

IF we are going to continue to be able to use non-TSO'ed equipment in the future to meet Gov't mandated requirements to use certain air space, we need to make sure that we meet the performance requirements. Failure to meet the performance requirements (and safety) could bring more restrictions and Gov't control over the hobby we all love so much.


Today's flight - chasing clouds 04/09/2020 ...Kevin Lippert RV-14A


Maintain Those Tailwheels ...rv8ch

NTSB Identification: CEN20CA114

14 CFR Part 91: General Aviation
Accident occurred Wednesday, March 4, 2020
Aircraft: Vans RV8
Injuries: 2 Uninjured.

NTSB investigators used data provided by various entities, including, but not limited to, the Federal Aviation Administration and/or the operator and did not travel in support of this investigation to prepare this aircraft accident report.

The pilot of the tailwheel-equipped airplane reported that he made a normal landing approach to the runway with a direct crosswind of 15 knots and gusts reaching 23 knots. The pilot reported that he was initially able to maintain directional control with normal flight control inputs after the airplane touched down on the main landing gear; however, when the tailwheel touched down the tail began to weathervane and the airplane veered to the right. The pilot was unable to regain directional control with an application of full left rudder and left brake before the airplane departed the right side of the runway and struck a precision approach path indicator lights (PAPI) system. The left wing, left horizontal stabilizer, and left elevator were substantially damaged during the collision with the PAPI system. A postaccident examination and functional test of the steerable tailwheel revealed that the spring-actuated key slide would stick in the retracted position within the tailwheel fork, which allowed the tailwheel to caster instead being steerable within the normal limits intended for takeoff and landing. Additional examination revealed that the slot in the tailwheel fork that held the spring-actuated key slide was slightly deformed, and that the key had several raised edges that caused the key to bind when fully retracted in the slot. It is likely that the tailwheel was able to caster during landing, which resulted in the pilot's inability to maintain directional control after the tailwheel had touched down during landing roll.


Tool Box Drool ...rogawer

All cleaned up and ready for the next kit...


Covid induced relocation

Last Monday (03/30/2020) I relocated the Dream Weaver from Florida to Bishop Airport in Flint, Michigan. Then, I took our mini motorhome out of the hangar and drove back to Florida. Eight hours including two fuel stops going up; three days sanitizing gas pump handles driving South.

Michigan and northern Indiana were totally socked in. The photo is from 9,500 ft. Ceilings were 4000; scattered 1300 ft. Outside air temp flitted between 27 and 32F. When ATC cleared me lower for the approach I dove at 2,000+ fpm to pass through the layer as quickly as reasonable. Even so the plane picked up some light rime ice on the leading edges and windscreen. Fortunately it quickly melted below the deck. The approach and landing were uneventful.

The relocation was done because the plane is ten months into its last twelve month condition inspection; all of my tools and hangar are in Michigan, while Dolly and I expect we will be stuck in Florida till late July.
Karl Bambas RV-7


Fiberglass around counterweight ...Glen P

I'm new at this fiberglass business. I closed up the HS and VS tips with foam, flox and micro balloons. I applied some flox and then some micro balloons to the counterweight to see how well it would adhere. I adhered well. Now I'm wondering whether I could add some more micro to give it more of a finished look (after riveting on the tip). Any problems with this plan?


Larry Vetterman's Dynon D6 For Sale ($800)

(posting this for my friend Larry - dr)
"For sale. Dynon D6 with remote compass. Removed for panel upgrade and has worked perfectly since installing about 300 hours. Only $800. Larry Vetterman email vetxaust 'at' gwtc 'dot' net."


Mothership and COVID-19 ...updates.

...Video NEW  
...no factory tours.  ...no demo flights. 


Mothership Job Opportunities


----->>>>>;; How to Minimize the Chance You <<<<<-----
----->>>>> Could be Dealing with a Scammer <<<<<-----
...when using the classifieds.


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photo courtesy Fred Bauer, Jr.

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Would You Build an RV "Super Cub"?

If you would, let me know and I'll add your name/comments to my sales pitch
You never know....    
86 have contacted me saying they are interested in building one.

100+ pics from 3/1/2020 N.TX Sandbar Fly-in on the Red River
(6 pages of pics and over a dozen videos)


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