A small, honor system webezine trying its best to be a laid back virtual watering hole for builders/pilots of Van's RV kitplanes - more and more important in today's increasingly nutzo world.  Brought to you by the Reeves family.

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April Wallpaper

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April 20, 2018.   Issue #4,548.
   Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend.  

Hat Sighting...

22° Halo seen above 52F Thurs (storms soon).
dr photo


Status Report ...jcarne 7A

Time for a good ole fashion priming and riveting session. Note: priming the flap brace was a pain trying to scuff it!

I also built a wing cradle with the posts used for the left wing jig.


The 'washer trick' cooling plenum modification. ...Jack Groat

I want to knock a few degrees of my #6 cylinder head temps, and I've heard tell of a quick-and-dirty plenum modification called the 'washer trick' which apparently entails fitting a flat washer on the back side of the plenum to space it out away from the cylinder head.

Looking at and all around my #6 cylinder I'm not seeing a place where that can be done. The #5 cylinder has a handy plenum attachment screw right on the back surface, but I'm finding no such screw on the #6 cylinder.

I've already constructed a plenum bypass duct for the #5 cylinder, which I just completed yesterday and I'll find out this weekend how well it works, and I want to make a quick mod to the #6 cylinder while I still have everything torn apart. If I can just knock 10 degrees off it I will call it good.

BillL photo


Obituary: Mr. Thomas H. Irlbeck

RV-8 builder/pilot.  Friend to many.


Check Those Bolts are Pointed the Right Way ...Sibirsky


Nobody is perfect, not all ...DanH

Nobody is perfect, not all the time anyway. Think about all the crazy stuff builders do, multiply by all the usual airworthiness issues, and the answer is about 7 digits.

It's not easy guys. I was on a TC visit this afternoon. Look at this:

A oval swage sleeve, aka a Nicopress (TM) fitting. Pretty innocuous, yes? Well, this builder was using aluminum swage sleeves, so there are at least 12 of them in the elevator and rudder cables of his Zenith, all totally unairworthy...and all covered with heat shrink tubing. The correct sleeve is copper, plain or zinc plated for galvanized cable, or tin plated for stainless cable.

Pretty good chance someone would have died following a heavy pull on the stick. Any inspection is better than none.


OT:  Bragging on my Wife

Susie volunteers at Medical City Denton.  She and the other volunteers were honored by the hospital at the annual 'thank you' shindig at nearby UNT.  Students majoring in hotel services cooked the food and served it wonderfully.  A nice dinner with some nice people who help strangers who are usually under a lot of strain.

She got her '500 hour' pin that will hang on her tag...


Pretty neat folks.  I'm quite fond of one them.



Storing Wings ...John S

Here is what I did for my wings, just prior to roof and sides going on. It is out of luaun with some cedar strips inside to keep the bugs away.


Canopy Rail Support ...RV-12

The roll bar support arm, a part of the canopy rail on the completed Mk 1 fuselage is easily bent. There is a tendency for pilot and/or passenger to put their weight on this piece when exiting the airplane. On the latest fuselage for the iS/U the factory has addressed this issue by adding a supporting gusset.  ...


SB 18-03-30...RV-10


Facility/Industrial Equipment Maintenance Position


Van’s Aircraft has an opening for a Facility/Industrial Equipment Maintenance Position. Listed below are the required educational, technical skills and general responsibilities. If you meet these qualifications and desire to work for the world’s leading kit aircraft manufacturer, please submit your resume to Bill Bobbitt at billb 'at' vansaircraft.com. We will contact you for an interview.

Van’s offers a very competitive salary. Other benefits include 401(k) plan, Employee Stock Ownership program, health insurance, paid holidays, and a generous vacation and sick time allotment.

Key responsibilities of the Maintenance Electrician/Millwright position

• Perform preventive maintenance activities on heavy industrial equipment such as cleaning, lubricating, inspecting, replacing worn parts or adjusting as needed.
• Perform electrical, mechanical, pneumatic and hydraulic systems installations, repairs, adjustments or improvements as needed.
• General metal fabrication skills: Able to use mills, lathes, drill presses, saws, calipers, micrometers, die grinders, acetylene cutting torch, Arc/MIG/TIG welding, etc.
• Repair/reroute electrical branch circuits for existing equipment for repairs or improvements/upgrades with the ability to size and install the breakers, wire, conduit, j-boxes and switch gear/disconnects as needed.
•Able to read electrical schematics and use same in general electrical and network troubleshooting for industrial automation and control, including, Profibus/Profinet (or similar network protocols), HMI’s, PLC’s, PAC’s, VFD’s,
and remote I/O (ASi). Able to use DMMs and IR guns.
• Able to read, develop or program Siemens Step 7 TIA Portal V13/14/15 PLC/HMI/Network ladder logic, sequential function, statement or function block (SFC,ST,FBD) programs or similar automation software.
• Strong problem solving skills, initiative and able to plan work activities effectively.
• General CMMS skills.
• Maintain clean and organized work areas.

Work Environment and Physical Requirements

• Work requires the ability to lift moderately heavy equipment and materials (50lbs), and stand for extended periods of time.
• Walking, climbing ladders and entering cramped or difficult to reach locations may be part of daily activities.
• Use of man lift to access equipment for installations, maintenance, repairs or adjustments.


• High School diploma or equivalent
• 2 years of secondary education in industrial automation and control or equivalent in electrical/mechanical trade CEU’s or Military schools.
• Current Oregon LME (Limited Maintenance Electrician) license or able to obtain same.
• Documentation or able to get same showing you are a “qualified” person as defined by OSHA/Oregon OSHA and NFPA 70E to work on energized electrical equipment with the appropriate PPE.
• No less than 3 years of experience as a licensed LME/Manufacturing Electrician and/or a Journeyman Millwright in an industrial/manufacturing environment.



SB 18-03-06 ...mothership

RV-12 (Powered with Rotax 912ULS) ALSO SEE Revisions and Changes.  Replace the throttle return springs


How to Minimize the Chance You Could be Dealing with a Scammer

...when using the classifieds.

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photo courtesy Van's Aircraft, Inc.






photo courtesy Fred Bauer, Jr.

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