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Feb Wallpaper

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February 11, 2016.  0001Z.   Issue No. 4,050.

Flight Profile View Now in Garmin Pilot...v8.1.0 iPad

When I powered this up last night it told me v8.1.0 was available for download.  With it comes a new Flight Profile View.  So I installed, found some Wx and created a flight through it - click to enlarge screen grab below.  Items of note:  You can 'grab' the altitude line and move it vertically to see how that affects your time, obstacle, and airspace clearances.  It shows where the cloud layers, their coverage and wind speeds at different altitudes are.  Tapping on anything in the profile lets you drill down in the data for more information (airspace, clouds, etc).  v8.1.0 has other improvements, but the profile view got my attention first.

(click to enlarge)

I also discovered a new (maybe just new to me) feature regarding winds when choosing an altitude for your flight.  This morning when I hopped up to GLE for some gas I *think* I noticed it giving me more info than it used to.  Specifically fuel used, ETE and Wind components - helpful when picking an altitude on a longer trip.  iPad screen grab below...

My flight to KGLE and back used the profile below - threading the space between the top of DTO's 2500' Class D (I was talking to 'em) and the floor of DFW's Class B.

Slight tangent about displaying info...I have read a few books from Edward Tufte over the years about presenting large amounts of information graphically, and this profile view got me thinking again of the work of Charles Minard.  His chart drawn about the French Army losses during the Russian Campaign of 1812-1813 available for viewing (in English) HERE.  Spend some time on these last three links if you have time to kill at work.  I dig this stuff more than I probably should.

Back to airplanes and bringing it home, yes, I would love to someday see Tufte Sparklines (example at right) in my EFIS as screen resolutions increase.  EGT, CHT, Oil Pressure - band of normal range with historical data overlapping.  Maybe bluetoothed out to the iPad retina display.  Thousands of data points in the size of a postage stamp. 

The data reporting just gets better and better these days.  Exciting times.  This profile view got some creative juices going, I guess.

Nerds of the world unite! ;^)


First Flight: Doug Kott RV-9A ...multiple pics and lotsa text

What a rush. Earlier today I pulled back on the stick of an airplane I built in my garage. It leapt into the air and stayed there!!!!

Perfect conditions at Cable Airport: a balmy 77-degree February day (El Nino on hold temporarily!), some light cirrus clouds at about 20,000 feet and zero turbulence. P-factor, etc. caught me a little off guard on the takeoff roll and I veered a little to the left, but I lofted the nose wheel a few inches and she was flying in 500 feet or so. I've done this hundreds of times in rental Cherokees, DA-20s and 172s, but I have to say it's a little surreal when you, your-own-self, have built the thing and point it skyward for the first time.  continue


Do I have a CHT problem? ...Clark Carroll


My RV-6A ...John Bonewitz

Hi, Just wanted to check in. I'm the proud new owner of an RV6-A. I'm not the builder, but I had previously built an O-235 powered Kitfox Series 5, which I sold a couple of years ago. I've been wanting an airplane better suited to long trips, and had been looking at RV7's, and I went to take a look at this airplane so I might have a basis of comparison between the two models. Once I saw the amazing build quality of this airplane I knew I'd be hard pressed to find one as nice. Plus, the price was right. The airplane is powered by a Lyc. O360 with a FP prop and was finished in 1999. It has only 215 hours on the engine. The panel is a bit dated, but I'm planning a refresh in the future. Right now, I'm trying to solve an issue which as developed with the Electroair ignition. I'll post a question about that on the General forum.

I've been lurking the forum for awhile now, but I'm looking forward to contributing more in the future.

All the best,


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