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We bought the table in 1988 from Target.
Printer has been on the floor for years. ;^).

"...It is the only site I can visit on a daily basis that is guaranteed not to be filled with hateful, divisive, venom.  Due to your leadership VAF overflows with helpful, supportive comments and advice..." 
--- John H.

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Where we stand right now as of:  12/26/2020.
List of who has donated in 2020.

 "I'm not an RV owner (in fact I don't own an airplane. Yet...), but I rarely miss my daily visit to your site. In an Internet overflowing with obnoxious, sneaky ads and hidden links, VAF is a breath of fresh air. Clear skies!"
-Peter H.

I'm sorry for the commercial, but Doug's gotta eat and provide for his family.

First, look over to the right and see if you are exempt.  If you are, THANK YOU for what you did (or do), and enjoy the site for life with my heartfelt thanks.

OK, like a lot of families, Casa Reeves sticks to a budget.  No fur-lined sinks or electric dog polishers.  In the flying department I've flown the RV-6 (12) hours so far in 2020 (flew it 39.8 hours in 2019).  Obviously I'd like to fly more, but I can't justify the avgas expense in this phase of my life (the college years for the kids).  Let me assure you we're not making millions doing this site - trying to keep a small business afloat is insanely expensive and time intensive. 

I'm trying my hardest to keep it afloat while providing a good product for the Van's RV community.

That's where you, the regular reader, comes in...

In the entire history of the site, I've never asked for more than $25/yr if you're a regular reader.  I'll never ask for any more than that.  Ever.

The Honor System Pitch:

Exempt from Donating:
picture courtesy

  • any United States citizen who has EVER been in no-shit, bullets coming at you combat.  You know who you are, and I will never be able to thank you enough for protecting my way of life.  Please enjoy the site free for the rest of your life.
  • anyone currently serving in the United States Armed Forces
  • police officers (past or present)
  • current Kindergarten thru grade 12 teachers.
  • firefighters (salaried or volunteer - past or present)
  • anyone employed by Van's Aircraft
  • anyone acting as a moderator in the forums
  • My Mother-in-law.
  • anybody currently unemployed
  • the (2) renters at 'theVanCave'

Lifetime Donators:
(worked out a barter deal for something I was hunting for over the years...)  - Clements, Jon  - Dalton, David   - Karpayev, Vlad   - Redmond, Robert  -   - Schoen, William   - Settle, Curtis (Bill)  - Thorne, Mark   - Webster, Tom


You ever notice how when you visit this site you never have to sit through a 30 second commercial, or dodge pop-up windows selling cars or email newsletter signups?  Or take a survey.  None of the small ads on the site start talking to you.  Nothing bounces around on your screen, forcing you find some stupid little 'X' in the corner that may or may not make it go away (and possibly launch another pop-up).  Nothing slides your screen down halfway so an animation of the new and amazing Honda Whatever can drive from screen left to right. 

And I don't track your interactions with this site (like 99% of all other sites do).  You deserve your privacy, and you'll get it on VAF. 
-->> More on why I don't track you <--.

That's by design.

You don't have to log in to see all of can already see everything!  Let me repeat that:  You can see everything on the site right now, whether you've donated or not.  You get to decide if you think I've provided you a quality product worthy of a yearly donation. has been this way since it came online in the mid 90's, and it always will, if the regular readers send in their honor system yearly donation.

All those annoying advertising tactics help keep the sites they are on in business.  I made a conscience decision to do it the other way around.  You show up and instantly start reading the latest Van's RV news, with no hassle whatsoever.  The experience isn't interrupted.  It's that way by design, but it does require 60 seconds of your time once a year to stay that way.  Use this site for 12 months.  If you think I've earned it, send in $25.  Treat it like a magazine subscription.

I don't track your keystrokes and clicks.  By design (more on this at the bottom of this's scary).

My full time job, and this product I offer here, exists to motivate, entertain and occasionally help you during the purchase, construction, ongoing maintenance and safe flying of your Van's RV kit plane.  Hopefully for decades.  If I'm doing my job well you come back on a regular basis.   If you're a regular visitor, pick a day (birthday?) and ask yourself whether the last 12 months here were worth $2.08 a month.  If the answer to that is yes, send in $25.  I will use that money to keep the site going, and to provide food, shelter and clothing for my wife and two kids.

Just trying to make a living here, like you do with your job.  Thank you to those who help keep it afloat.

PLEASE do not start threads in the forums along the lines of 'People should donate!'  Donate if you think VAF is a good product, don't if you don't.  God Bless You either way.  I would kindly ask moderators to delete these threads if I'm offline for a bit and don't see them.  Thank you.  dr

  • VAF is our family's stab at American Small Business.  It provides 99% of our family's total income.  As far as I know, I'm planet Earth's only full-time Van's RV online community provider, and we bet the farm on it.
  • Ads on the site do not pull in what some online think.  I WISH they did....I wouldn't need to beg for money here on this page.  They basically keep a roof over our head and pay SOME of the bills.  Not all.
  • During the 19 years this site has been online in various forms, best I can calculate is I've spent more than we spent on our house bringing it to you. 

    The cost of running a 'small' business is not small.  The risk is enormous.


How You Can Donate

1) PayPal QR Code

If you have the PayPal app on your phone and are viewing this page on a computer or laptop, simply open the phone app and tap the 'Scan/Pay' button. Then hold your phone up to the monitor and center the window on the image below (or the one on the donation page).

2) Credit Card
This is the method I currently prefer people use.  It's the easiest on me from an accounting standpoint.  You wouldn't believe how much 'behind the scenes' work there is.  If you can donate $25/yr with a credit card, THANK YOU!!!

Note: You do not have to have a PayPal account to donate with a credit card (if sending from the USA - International donations will need one).  After clicking on the 'Donate' button above, look for the link denoted by the red arrow in the screen grab below. 

3) Cash.  
Instantly ready to go back into our local economy at the businesses that offer our family cash discounts.  You'd be surprised (

     mailing address:
     Delta Romeo, LLC.
     P.O. Box 270321
     Flower Mound, TX 75027-0321

4) Check
made out to 'Delta Romeo, LLC'

mailing address:
     Delta Romeo, LLC.
     P.O. Box 270321
     Flower Mound, TX 75027-0321

A special request:
Sending me a check or credit card donation with "use half of this for this year and the other half for next year" in the memo line doesn't work for the CPA. I am required by law to report income that comes in during the year it arrives.


*Why does VAF use an honor system business model?

The simplest explanation I can offer is because it's less work for both you and me.

Three more reasons...

First, as a United States citizen who is VERY appreciative of those who defend(ed) my freedoms, the 'exempt from donating' category at right is of primary importance to me.  Who would setup and maintain the list of thousands of free combat veteran accounts?  How do you verify their credentials? This all implies employees, and an office, and status meetings, and peer reviews, and a thousand other things that a) gets us off topic and b) killed large parts of my soul in a previous corporate life.  I'd have to charge much more to cover the increased overhead, just so I could net the same amount.  It becomes an episode of 'The Office' every day. Thank you, but no. I do it this way for my own simplistic, sanity-preserving reasons.

Second, it releases me from the ‘I paid my money so this is the direction I demand you go with the site’ back and forth.

Third, this honor system business model allows those who are lurking, still on the fence regarding getting into the hobby, to virtually enjoy the show.  For years if that’s what it takes.  This hobby is supposed to be FUN, something sorely lacking in today's hate filled world.

Thank you,

Doug Reeves (and family)

*I used 30,000 as my 'lurker' number to be conservative.  The actual number is more like 35K-40K. 
**A few auto-send $2.08 each month via their bank or credit card - each donation like this is recorded separately, so the number of donations shows more than the number of people who donated.  For example, in 2015 there were 2,397 donations made by 2,126 people.
Donation in previous years: 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014 (Cash/Check - Credit Card), 2013 (cash/check - CC), 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008


2,028 people have sent in their 2020 donation as of Dec 26th for an after tax total of around $35K (as a benchmark, there are ~30,000 registered VAF forum accounts)

Thank you again to those who keep the USS VAF afloat (sorted by first name)

Aaron Gleixner
Aaron Miller
Aaron Schomberg
Adam Bezanson
Adam Bowser
Adam Coffey
adam levy
Adam Silverstein
Aden Rich
Aerial Photo Shop Inc.
Aircraft Covering by James
Alan Abel
alan archer
Alan Bikle
Alan Dyck
Alan Judy
Alan McKeen
Alan Mekler
alan miller
Alan Muhs
Alan Rubin
Alan Scholz
Alan Searle
Albert Hibpshman
Aldo Perotto
Alejandro Badia
Alex Erdelyi
Alex Kolyvanov
Alexander Hardt
Alexander Macfarlane
alexander munro
Alexander Skrabut
alexander stark
Alfred Foltz
Allan Brownlow
Allan Glen
Allen Maris
Allen Sydow
Alvin Grasse
Amir Bayani
Andre J Viljoen
Andreas Bierbaum
Andreas Uebersax
Andrei Cornell
Andrew Compton
Andrew Cotyk
Andrew Elliott
Andrew Goans
Andrew Hamber
Andrew J Olson
Andrew Karmy
andrew lincoln
Andrew Loewenstein
Andrew Manilla
Andrew Muir
Andrew Murphy
andrew wegrzyn
Andy Crabtree
Angela Malone
Anon. (MN)
Anthony Davis
Anthony Garagliano
Anthony Greco
Anthony Rose
Anthony S. Martin
Anthony Tessitore
Anton Beidl
Anton Haas
Antony Lloyd
Archer Ellis
Arcom Wireless
Ariel Arielly
Ariel Bello
arnie barros
art waldal
Arthur Karpinski
Arthur Woods
Aubrey Ogden
B. Noel Fallwell
Barry Bernstein
Barry Briere
barry marz
Barry Wallace
Barton Robinett
ben cunningham
Ben Hubbard
Ben Huston
Ben Poffenberger
Bengt Follinger
Benjamin Hardy
Benjamin Westfall
Bennie Frazier
Berchmans Wick
Berkley Novak
Berna Parham
Bernard Koch
Bernard Rawlins
Bernd Goretzki
Bert Moore
Bev Sinkbeil
Bill Dunnett
Bill Hayes
Bill Marvel
Bill Peyton
Bill Woods
billy canup
Bjorn Nilberg
Blain Stumpf
Bob Bisbee
Bob Butler
Bob Fay
Bob Grigsby
Bob Japundza
Bob Park
Bob Van Vleet
Bobby Hester
Boyd Birchler
Brad Cheshire
Brad Fennell
Brad Grandorff
Brad Reak
Brad Rife
Bradley Carter
Bradley Martens
Bradley Peden
Bradley Walton
Bradly Smith
Brady Byers
Brandon Baxter
Brandon Mart
Brandon Merrill
Brandon Simunac
Brent Boecking
Brent Bourgeois
Brent Connelly
Brent Crabe
Brent Hall
Brent Lytle
Brent Pendleton
Brett Herrick
Brett Nordick
Brian Adams
Brian Bennett
Brian Carpenter
Brian Cobb
Brian Collins
Brian Decker
Brian Dehos
Brian Finnegan
Brian Howard
Brian Jorgensen
Brian Kilby
Brian Lester
brian mallory
Brian Pecenka
Brian Petersburg
Brian PHAM
Brian Stamper
Brian Sutherland
Brian Sweeney
Brian Szuter
Brice Johnson
Brock Street
bruce barnes
Bruce Bohannon
Bruce Byrd
Bruce E Byrkett
Bruce Hatch
Bruce Hill
Bruce Holtmeier
Bruce Hoppe
Bruce Hostager
Bruce Pauley
Bruce Peters
Bruce Porterfield
Bruce Rawlins
Bruce Raymond
Bruce Wagner
Bruce Walters
Bruce Windom
Bruce Wolfe
Bryan Jones
Bryan LaPlante
Bryan McDowell
bryan ray
Bryan Taylor
Bud Shaw & Rebecca Rotert
Burnett Shaffer
Byron Gillespie
Cameron Smith
Cameron Smith (via Robert Schapler)
Carey Hardin
Carl Froehlich
Carl Martin
Carl Wood
Carlos Rodriguez
Carlton Henderson
Carol York
Catherine E Gleason
Cavender Crosby Kimble
CDC General
Cecil Banks
Chad Boot
Chad Hoare
Champlin Pond Suites LLC
Charles Anderson
Charles Behrent
Charles Bradley
Charles Bulkeley
Charles Derk
Charles Eastlake
Charles Hammes
Charles Hazekamp
Charles Langston
Charles Lloyd
Charles Refling
Charles Rosenzweig
Charles Stone
Charles Windham
Chestnut Properties
Chris Boultinghouse
Chris Carswell
Chris Doggett
Chris Engler
Chris Glaeser
Chris Kimble
Chris Klugewicz
Chris Mahoney
Chris McCutchan
Chris O'Neil
Chris Rogers
Chris Saulit
Chris Welvaert
Christman Enterprises, Inc,
Christoph Schnyder
Christopher Cannon
Christopher Cook
Christopher Cooper
Christopher Dahl
christopher ives
Christopher Johnson
Christopher Leng
Christopher Lindsey
Christopher Logue
christopher moon
Christopher Obaugh
Christopher Olsen
Christopher Pratt
Christopher Swan
Chuck Carlson
Chuck Wilson
Claire Barker
Clarence Mitchell
Clark Crawford
Claude Blackburn
claudio ricci
Clay Romeiser
Clayton Henderson
Clifford Enger
Clint Hanson
Clive Whittfield
Closet Store
Clyde Sanford
Code 1 Flight Training
Coenraad Van Der Merwe
Col. Sidney Mayeux
Coleman chasteen
Colin Goodwin
Colin Kennedy
Colin Noseworthy
Collin Adams
Colyn Case
Conrad Dickos
Conrad Nordquist
cory krasselt
Cory Scott
Craig Bennett
Craig Brenden
Craig Craft
craig dutton
craig garella
Craig Hagen
Craig Taylor
Craig Westwood
Curt Bowers
Curt Hosterman
Curtis Meeks
D Antony Parchment
D Lowe
D wesley Croft
Dale Berger
Dale Botkin
Dale Bourgoin
Dale Emmons
Dale Fanning
Dale Lamport
Dallas Aasand
Damien Currier
Dan Antilla
Dan Baker
Dan Budette
dan fiore
Dan Gerdes
Dan Lade
Dan Niendorff
Dan Reed
Dan Ross
Dana Rice
Daniel Baier
Daniel Baril
Daniel Begeman
Daniel Benua
Daniel C McClellan
Daniel Connell
Daniel Decker
Daniel Dorschel
Daniel Green
Daniel Herron
Daniel Holden
Daniel Jopling
Daniel Kintner
Daniel Langhout
Daniel Martin
daniel matlosz
Daniel Miller
Daniel Morris
Daniel Newman
Daniel P Horton
Daniel Parker
Daniel Robbins
Daniel Roy
Danny Baker
DANNY Garrelts
danny keel
Danny Smith
Dany Laliberte
Daren A Busciglio
Darin Anderson
Darla Parham
Darrell DeBoard
Daryl Tolliver
Dave Farmer
Dave Hartman
Dave Lane
Dave Romuald
Dave Schuler
Dave Winters
David Adams
David Allen
David Ambrose
David Arrighi
david babcock
David Bellairs
David Benton
david biloz
David Binkley
David Bowman
David Bray
David Brook
David Brown
David Brunberg
David Bulthuis
David Buono
David Burton
David Carter
David Charno
David Cicciari
David Clinthorne
David Cole
David Corwith
David Draper
David Duffer
David Egelston
David Figgins
David Fogarty
david gamble
David Goldfarb
David Harris
David Harsh
David Heal
David Herzfeld
David Hightower
David Hill
David Howe
David Huggins
David Hull
David Hutchinson
david hyland
David Ireland
David Jackson
David Jacobson
David Kewley
David Kloss
David Koon
David Kopf
David Kuhtenia
David Lacefield
David Lee
David Lewis
David Lynch
David Macdonald
David Magaw
David Maib
David Main
david martin
David McAllister
David McCormick
David McKinnon
David Nelson
David Nicholas
David Nieglos
David Nolte
David Oakes
David Ortega
david parker
David Pattee
David Paule
David Peterson
David Poe
David R Clifford
David Randall
David Rohrlick
David Ross
David Salaz
David Sanchez
David Sandefur
David Setser
David Shenk (and Jim)
David Shenk (classified thank U)
David Smith
David Stern
David Syvertson
David Turner
David Valcik
David Vaughan
David Vincent
David Vosburg
David Walrod
David Welsh
David Yegge
DCH Enterprises
Dean Crane
Dean Miller
Dean Wheeler
Deb Harm
Deborah Bradley
Dejan Vucinic
Denis Guerette
Denis Sailer
Dennis Callaghan
Dennis Enns
Dennis Flosi
Dennis Glaeser - Flight Instruction
Dennis Grundy
Dennis Harm
Dennis Hodge
Dennis Miner
Dennis Myrick
Dennis Rhodes
dennis thun
dennis vander weerdt
Dennis Yoder
Derek Clarke
Derek Hardie
Derrell Spurlock
Derrick Aubuchon
Designed Performance
Devin Albrecht
Dick Chisholm
Diego Dellantonio
Dirk Fournier
Don Broussard
Don Coady
Don E Christiansen DO
Don Garrison
Don Kroesch
Don MacMillan
Don Martin
Don Pansier & Associates, LLC
Donald Adamson
Donald Best
Donald Bodnar
Donald Disher
Donald Johnson
Donald Mack
Donald Oberlander
Donald Pruitt
Donald Tillotson
Donald WILKE
Donna Sebesta
Doris Clark
Doug Abney
Doug Crumrine
Doug Dunston
Doug Mattson
Douglas Abney
Douglas Bartlett
Douglas Denney
Douglas Dodson
Douglas Garrou
Douglas Geib
Douglas Kott
Douglas Kouri
Douglas Rehder
Douglas Rohrer
Douglas Rutherford
Douglas Seward
Douglas Steinfeld
Douglas W Peterson
Douglas Weiler
Douglas Zetting
Dr Noel A Murphy
Dru Fisher
Duane Clawson
Dudley Atkinson
Duncan Kenworthy
durward smith
Dustin Stern
Dwayne Cowles
Dwayne Neufeld
Dwight Mattmuller
Dylan Rush
E.Frank Russell
Earl Shaw
Ebbe Nilsson
Ed Flisher
Ed Kempkey
Ed O’Quinn
edgar edwards
Edward Aronyk
Edward Avila
Edward Carney
Edward Cech
Edward Eliot
Edward Fleming
Edward Flisher
Edward Herold
Edward Hicks
Edward Lee
Edward Lu
Edward Neffinger
Edward Pitrolo
Edward Sealing
Edward Smith
Edwin Halstead
Eiland Dean
Elias Jamali
Elizabeth Beattie
Enrico Musto
Enrique Grafiada
Eric Backscheider
Eric Bale
Eric Fitzgerald
Eric Gettel
Eric Kallio
Eric Paslick
Eric Pelletier
Eric Petersen
Eric Picciano
Eric Risdon
Eric Scharff
Eric Stadjuhar
Eric Wood
Erik Fjerstad
Erik Mortenson
Erin Gattlin-Martin
Ernest Lee
Ernie Brown
Ernie Naesgaard
Ethan Dahlkamp
Eulice W Curington Jr
Experimental Avionics
Fabian Hummel
Finn Lassen
Flint Brady
FliteWallet LLC
Florence Garbini
Flyboy LLC
Francesco Dante
Francesco Deppieri
Francis Cordrey
Francisco Viyuela
Frank Connery
Frank Dombroski
Frank Foreman
Frank Huber
Frank Lonza
Frank Owens
Franklin Brown
Fred Fallis
Fred Herzner
Fred Leeper
Fred Mann
Fred Stucklen
Frederic Stucklen
Fredrick Glen Williams
Fredrik Diehl
G H Riffe
G Nelson
G Williams
Gail Yobe
Gaillard Brice
Garald Champagne
Garles Brietigam
Garret Hade
Garrett Clemmer
Garry Shepherd
Garry Treloar
Gary Drew
Gary A Sobek
Gary Arthur
Gary Bailey
Gary Baker
Gary Bridges
Gary Hardin
Gary Harding
Gary Kohler
Gary Krause
Gary Moore
Gary Peterson
Gary Rainwater
Gary Slatt
Gary Stewart
Geary Marsolais
Gene Larsen
Geoff McHarg
Geoff Pout
Geoff Winslow
George Barth
george douglas
George Dowell
George Fahmy
George Kliewer
George Kotti III
George McQueen
George Mower
George Nuse
George Pringle
George Psaros
Gerald B. Stofer
Gerald Binse
Gerald George
Gerald Kalin
Gerald Kinman
Gerald Kutner
Gerd Strassburg
Gilberto Meira Cardoso
Giles Clark
Gilmore Solutions
Glen Intermill
Glen Palmer
Glenn Bridgland
Glenn Duralia
Glenn's Tire & Service Company
Gofourth LLC
Gordoh Kelly
Gordon Bryan
Gordon Craig
Gordon Griffin
Gordon Porter
Gordon Schilling
Gordon van de Bilt
Graeme Edwards
Grant Cassady
Grant Daniel
grant lloyd
Greg Arehart
Greg Barnes
Greg Blanck
Greg Green
Greg Hayes
Greg Hughes
Greg Long
Greg McElvenny
Greg McFarlane
Greg Niehues
Greg Saulsbury, Computer Services
Greg Tilford
Greg Uhl
Greg Van Strien
Gregg Costabile
Gregg Germain
Gregg Larson
Gregg Waligroski
Gregory Beckner
Gregory Beyer
Gregory Blilie
Gregory Dillon
gregory dunn
Gregory Green
Gregory Healy
Gregory House
Gregory Kauffeld
Gregory Miller
Gregory Moore
Gregory Novotny
Gregory Philmon
Grover Harben
Guilherme Barros
Guy Prevost
Gwendolyn Coutant
Hamilton McClymont
hamish kebbell
Hans Strahle
Harald Sotomayor
Harold Birkett
Harold Hopler
Harold Martin
Harris ACE Gobbler Fest, Inc.
Harry Hirschman
Harvey McKinnon
Heinrich Gerhardt
Hendricks Edgerton
Hendrik Vandewater
Henry King
Herb Brust
Herman Ross
Hermann Schiele
Heywood Barton
Home Health Forms
Homer Phillips
Howard Handelman
Howard McCollister
Howard R McKay
Hugh Aodh O'Brien
Hugh Thomson
Ian Adams
Ian Carney
ian coates
Ian Condy
Ian Reilly
Ingo Weise
Iqbal Khan
Ivan Luke
ivo welch
J A Sint Jago
J Briggs
J Gregory Baron
J3 Woodworking
Jack Bates
Jack Billington
Jack Crabtree
Jack Hunt
Jack Ingber
Jack Shuey
Jack Sparling
Jack Wootten
Jackie Watts
Jacob Carmer
Jacob Lewis
Jacob Lolk
Jahnnie Brake
Jake Thiessen, Inc.
James Baker
James Beaumont
James Bedsole
James Berry
James Bourgeois
James Buechler
James Cash
James Cox Jr
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James Eiland
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James Fisher
James Fogarty
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james geyman
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Johan Vercueil
johannes dorfling
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John Bender
John Bertucci
John Blackwell
John Bright
John Bruns
John Busch
John Carpenter
John Clark
John Clisham
John Conrad
John Cooper
John Corneal
John Cosse
John D Hazen
John D Horn, Jr
John David
John Davis
John Dobbins
John Erickson
John Foy
John Gerber
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Karl Richcreek
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Keith Ward
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Kurtis Berner
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Kyle Hultgren
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Larry Loeding
Larry Maynard
Larry New
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Larry Wiggins
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LDM Consulting
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Lloyd Astrup
Lochland Jeffries
Loman O'Byrne
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Mark Burns
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Mark Gaboriault
Mark Giron
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Mark Hesser
Mark Howell
Mark Jackson
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Mark Johnson
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Mark Kidman
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Mark Mendelson
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Mark Robinson
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Markus Geiss
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Matthew Koschak
Matthew Laherty
Matthew LaRue
Matthew Laseter
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Matthew McHarg
Matthew Overholt
Matthew Saunders
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Matthew Todd Wiechman
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Max Jamieson
Max Nielsen
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Michael Ballee
Michael Bell
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Michael Burbidge
Michael Ciaccio
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Michael Dooley
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Michael Fleming
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Michael Hannold
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Michael King
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Michael Klenner
Michael Kovasckitz
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Michael McKenna
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Michael Vaughan
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Peterson Innovation, LLC
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Richard Raymond
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Robert Walters
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Ronald Patterson
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Ronald Simonton
Ronald Slosberg
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Roy Glass
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Rudy Otwell
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