'Flash'  ...RV-6 s/n 24968.


Construction on my RV-6 'Flash' began in January of 1996, with the first flight in September of 2002.  She is a standard build kit with manual flaps and electric pitch trim.  Regular old carburetor, 180hp engine and a constant speed prop - nothing too exotic in the powerplant department.

We've put close to 1,700 flight hours on her to date and are always fiddling with something: the panel, the interior, cleaning the engine, etc.

My A&P, IA is Randy 'Monkey' Richmond.  He does the annuals, even though I can legally do them myself.

The first panel had a traditional six pack instrument cluster and an MX-20 MFD.  No autopilot.

The second generation utilized a Garmin 496 handheld and had a dual axis autopilot.

The third panel tweak was to make it IFR by installing approach-certified GPSs.

The fourth panel tweak was hard core IFR and added a 2nd and 3rd Garmin G3X and does away with about ten pounds of wire from previous items no longer in the plane.

Started using Garmin Pilot on an iPad in late 2014 to display IFR approaches as a backup.  I like backups.

The fifth panel tweak is currently underway <grin>.

I obtained both my instrument and commercial ratings in this aircraft.  It is a wonderful airplane and the RV community is the best there is!


Ed Hicks photograph.

Current Panel Configuration (v4.0)