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Moving to Fort Worth, TX.


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Moving to Fort Worth, TX. There may be an ice cream social rejuvenated in a few months.

Hoping to connect with aviators, eat brisket and fly for fun.

Stop by 52F anytime. Lots of places to fly to in Texas for burgers, BBQ, and friendly folks.
I am sure we will cross paths.
AC...woo hoo, get on down to Tejas...I'm stoked!

And after you and Sha visit VAF Central at 52F, here's your vector to the home-drome for Tina n' me! 146nm...way closer than Inyokern to Stead was! ;)
Look forward to hearing about the new life/work-sitch. I'm sure congrats are in order. Safe move amigo!


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You know Alisha and you are such good organizers. maybe we should start a annual flying to Winslow AZ, or someplace half way between?

But if you promise Texas BBQ, well then I will just have to make the trip. El Paso is about the farthest I can go on one tank eastbound.

Call it Oshkosh West>

PS: i hope you are first in line for the RV15 kits>>>>>