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360 Angle Valve Parts- Intake, Cylinders, Pushrods


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Everything is 1224 TTSN on a factory Lycoming build. Engine was in good running condition but I converted it to parallel valve for my airplane.

Set of 4 LW-19047 Cylinders- $1400
I ran a hone down the barrels to check condition but they will need a proper crosshatch before installing

Cold Air Sump- $1000
This is the highest flowing 4 cylinder sump and intake tube combo Lycoming made. Its currently machined for rear inlet but can be machined to be front inlet as well. Intake tubes bolt on to angle valve cylinders as is but will fit parallel valve cylinders with small spacers.

Set of 8 15f21362-23 Pushrods- $230

Set of two 75338 Intercylinder Baffles- $35

Set of 4 Valve covers- $70


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