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    Engine, Prop and Avionics Update posted

    Matt, Check your private messages.
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    What size vise did you use to open up the RV-12 Longerons?

    Thanks, everyone, for the suggestions! Lots of different ways to solve this. I think I'll start with a big vise and a solid rod. If that fails, I'll try a press. By the way, what's the purpose of opening the longerons 5.4 degrees? I'm sure there's a good reason, but I haven't figured it out...
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    What size vise did you use to open up the RV-12 Longerons?

    How big of a vise did you use to open up the RV-12 longerons? It seems like most 6-inch vises can generate about 4,000 to 6,000 pounds of force. Is that enough to open the longerons 5.4 degrees? Maybe it just makes more sense to buy an inexpensive hydraulic press, although I don’t know what...
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    Scotch Brite drums where buy?

    I use the 1-inch size Tim suggested in a die grinder. It's my favorite tool for deburring lightening holes in ribs. As the wheels begin to wear down, you can smooth them out and then use them to get into some very small holes. Cleaveland has a tip on their website at the bottom of this page for...
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    21is/U Page 8

    These might help. The top photo is a hand rivet puller that I ground away the nose portion where you insert the rivet. It's ugly, but it works just fine. The second photo is a close-quarter rivet pulling wedge from Cleaveland Tool.
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    21is/U Page 8

    I heard back from Van's tech support. Their answer is that the rivets should be installed while working on Page 21iS/U-08.
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    21is/U Page 8

    Lots of good information from the group! After reading everyone's posts, I think the three holes in question in the F-1220B should be riveted to the F-1269/#3 rib while working on Section 21. But to be sure, I'll send an email to tech support and report back with their answer. Cameltron, do you...
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    21is/U Page 8

    When I was working on 21iS/U-08, I left those three holes open. I guess I better read ahead in the plans to see if I can determine when you are supposed to rivet those holes.
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    Paul Dye honored April 20th in MN.....heads up.

    Congratulations, Paul! This is great news!
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    Order Processing - Why is Van's not honoring FIFO on order queue?

    Interesting...When I spoke to Van's at the end of 2023, I was told that kits would be crated in the order we agreed to the new pricing, not the original order date.
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    Builders / Project Insurance

    I see you also live in So. Cal. Just curious...who is your homeowner's insurance with? These days in California, it seems like every insurance company will look for any excuse not to write a homeowner's policy. Thanks,
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    Newly Minted DAR….

    Congratulations, Paul!
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    writing on aluminum parts

    Isopropyl alcohol works for me about 99% of the time. But every so often I need to use acetone on a rag or paper towel.
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    How many extra rivets did you need?

    Scott is correct. I double-checked my large box that I thought had 5,000 rivets, but it clearly says it contains 10,000 rivets, not 5,000.
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    How many extra rivets did you need?

    Two boxes, 2500 and 5000, is what I received too (although I didn't actually count them!) Does anybody know about how many we actually use in the complete airframe?
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    Speed Slope or Standard…..That is the question….

    Standard looks better to me!
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    Finish kit volunteer program

    I volunteered to delay delivery of my 12iS finish kit and also have not yet received it. In a phone conversation, Van’s told me that due to the bankruptcy, any timing or pricing that had previously been communicated is no longer valid.
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    12 Finish kits

    I spoke to Van's on December 29. They couldn't give me a date for availability, but they did say that RV-12iS finish kits would be shipped to customers in the order that we agreed to the new pricing.
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    Van's Air Force 2024. A new era.

    I like the new look of the forum, but have a question... In the old forum, I had it set so the newest messages in a thread would appear at the top of the list instead of at the bottom. Is that option still available? If not, is the “jump to new” button now the best way to get to the latest posts...