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  1. hecilopter

    How much oil

    I put in 6 at oil change and add a quart when it gets to 4. Usually have to add twice between changes. Superior XP-360 and 1600 hrs.
  2. hecilopter

    Van's RV-15 (Next thing coming?)

    Electric I want electric! Something 2 seater, 150kts, 3 hour endurance, 30 min recharge time.
  3. hecilopter

    Speed Question

    TAS vs Ground speed Should be this simple No wind: Ground speed = TAS Headwind: Ground speed = TAS - Head wind Tailwind: Ground speed = TAS + Tail wind So TAS is simply ground speed with NO WIND.
  4. hecilopter

    RV-15 Intel

    Electric Any possibility of being electric powered? Sooner or later....
  5. hecilopter

    IO-360 Fuel Injection

    If the one pic is wide open and full rich, 1400 EGT does seem high like the mixture is a little lean (not enough fuel flow). Mine is down around 1250 full rich and wide open.
  6. hecilopter

    RV6A vs RV7A

    Differences I recall 6A 1650 lbs gross 210 mph VNE 38 gals fuel up to 180HP engine recommended Shorter, non counter balanced rudder 7A 1800 lbs gross 230 mph VNE 42 gals fuel up to 200HP engine recommended Taller, counter balanced rudder Supposedly 1 inch more headroom and legroom
  7. hecilopter

    IO-360 Fuel Injection

    EGT What is your EGT? It seems like if you were running lean (not enough flow for the air) your EGT would be reading high, otherwise plenty of flow for the air mixture.
  8. hecilopter


    Impulse coupling Just wanted to point out something I haven't seen posted here in this discussion. When you are setting your timing, you find TDC on Cylinder #1, make sure the timing mark for TDC on the back of the ring gear is aligned with the split in the case half. Then proceed to rotate...
  9. hecilopter

    Elevator Pulsing/Hunting

    Garmin G3X with ESP (Electronic Stability Protection) Just something else to throw out there, I noticed you have Garmin G3X displays. There is a function you can turn on and off called ESP. It is configurable and if you exceed set pitch/roll limits it intervenes in the stick, even with the...
  10. hecilopter

    Enough already! The word is GAUGE, not GUAGE!

    Here is one for you Without consulting your handheld device, which is correct: misspell or mispell? The funny thing I have noticed is that spell check on the Reply to Thread dialog on this site catches all of the words that aren't spelled correctly :) Doesn't catch misuse though. :D
  11. hecilopter

    Petit Jean Shortfall - In Case You Want to Chip In

    Donation sent See you next year! Keep up this fantastic event!
  12. hecilopter

    Why is my ventilation air hotter than ambient?

    1 mph difference Got interested in this and looked it up on a TAS calculator. At 7500 ft, 180mph indicated and OAT of 65 deg f vs OAT of 73 deg f the difference in TAS calculated is 1 mph. Not enough to worry much about.
  13. hecilopter

    First flight

    Congrats and stall speed dead on Congrats Bob! Sounds like your stall speed is dead on (51 MPH solo and 58 MPH gross) 58 MPH =~ 50 Kts.
  14. hecilopter

    Picked Up Some Speed Somewhere...

    Low CHT's From AvWeb (if you believe that stuff)... Excerpt: You caution against excessive CHTs, but is it possible for CHTs to be too cold? Yes, it's possible to run CHTs so cold that the...
  15. hecilopter

    How to troubleshoot for missing knots?

    Power = speed Level Flight Cruise Performance 1966M20C N3411X, Full throttle, 2500 rpm, 50 degrees rich of peak, cowl flaps closed. Altitude OAT F MP RPM Direction IAS KTS/MPH GPS Ground-Speed KTS 10000 59...
  16. hecilopter

    How to troubleshoot for missing knots?

    Max speed at sea level Max speed in a normally aspirated engine will be at sea level because you are at max horsepower. The higher you go the less horsepower you will make. The ratio of true airspeed/indicated airspeed is higher, but true airspeed decreases the higher you climb due to reduced...
  17. hecilopter

    Oil Pressure light

    Hobbs meter The pressure switch I used for my Hobbs meter had an extra connector for a light. I hooked a big square amber light above my EFIS. It serves as a low oil pressure warning and a warning that your master is on when the plane is shut down.
  18. hecilopter

    Discouraging issues, looking for input

    Rigging per plans Did you rig per plans as the beginning step? This seems to be a critical starting point. There is a jig in the kit that locks the aileron bellcrank in centered position. At that point a string or straight edge is to be pulled across the tooling holes on the outboard wing...
  19. hecilopter

    RV-7 Service Ceiling - FL 220 Today

    Fuel flow Is your fuel flow correct? Are you really burning 8.1 gals/hr at 13.9 inches of MP? Seems really high, I was expecting in the 5-6 range. Good job, thanks for the data!
  20. hecilopter

    Integrated RV-14 Introduction Thread

    Pretty airplane with more room but... I like everything about it except it specs to be slower on more fuel burn :( I was hoping for an airplane designed solely for speed but still with the RV heritage to compete with the lancairs, etc. 200 kts on 180 hp :)