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  1. DeltaRomeo

    The VAF News 3.1.2024

    Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend. Thanks again to those who Account Upgrade and keep the lights on here. You badge-sporting awesomes make the site happen. v/r,dr VAF POSTS & RV NEWS THAT CAUGHT MY EYE.....dr: ————————————————————————— Cowl to nose cone alignment For...
  2. DeltaRomeo

    Daily RV Pic

  3. DeltaRomeo

    The VAF News 2.29.2024 (w/Off Topic)

    VAF POSTS & RV NEWS THAT CAUGHT MY EYE.....dr: ————————————————————————— Daily RV Pic RV-12 Status …arattinger This is my RV12iS almost ready to start testing systems integration. Putting the plane together has been fun...
  4. DeltaRomeo

    Daily RV Pic

  5. DeltaRomeo

    WTB Trutrac

    Just a heads up to be extra vigilant in regards to possible scammers on the lookout for want to buy posts. If you get a message from somebody, you should expect to be able to FaceTime or zoom that person holding the part. If they aren’t willing to do that, you should assume they are a scammer...
  6. DeltaRomeo

    The VAF News 2.28.2024

    Still playing catchup after the site upgrade and initial for the KA350. Working the list....slowly ;^). Thanks for understanding as I drift in and out of comm. b,d VAF POSTS & RV NEWS THAT CAUGHT MY EYE.....dr: ————————————————————————— EZ-PORT (Static) - Another Way To Do It …HFS Here's...
  7. DeltaRomeo

    scammer reporting

    Pro Tip: If a buyer/seller won't FaceTime with you holding the item, consider them a scammer.
  8. DeltaRomeo

    RVs and Chick-fil-A

    Update: Sim Qual'd Took his 'seat support check' today, and was put through the hot day wringer (CABIN ALTITUDE HI, BRAKE FAIL, and a couple of V1 cuts. Did fine. He even got the mask on and remembered to turn on the MIC. Had the honor of being his 'sim captain' for two hours. 22 yrs old...
  9. DeltaRomeo

    The VAF News 2.27.2024

    VAF POSTS & RV NEWS THAT CAUGHT MY EYE.....dr: ————————————————————————— Update: Leak Found …bedecker. Update 2/26/2024 -- Leak Found. We carefully inspected the fuselage along its entire length, specifically following the discoloration from the exhaust stream. The spaces between the flanges...
  10. DeltaRomeo

    scammer reporting

    Already is. Locked it down a few minutes ago.
  11. DeltaRomeo

    The VAF News 2.26.2024

    VAF POSTS & RV NEWS THAT CAUGHT MY EYE.....dr: ————————————————————————— Don't Do This This Past Weekend’s ‘What did you do’ thread...
  12. DeltaRomeo

    Added to VAF List: Balancing the prop on a Lycoming engine (video)

    The VAF List is under 'Links' and is a sticky in the General area. You can jump to it HERE.
  13. DeltaRomeo

    CFII RV style

    Outstanding and congratulations!
  14. DeltaRomeo

    RVs and Chick-fil-A

    So let me tell you a story which might make you smile. Three or so years ago I got a part-time job doing simulator seat support in the Phenom 300 at CAE. The only reason they took a chance on me with my 11 hours of multi was that I had 1500 hours of tail wheel time in an RV-6. The guy...
  15. DeltaRomeo

    What did you do with your RV this weekend? (February 24 and 25th, 2024)

    …. getting this weekend‘s thread started. dr
  16. DeltaRomeo

    Scammers still lurking

    Banned. If if there has been some mistake, the person will reach out to me and I’ll look into it.
  17. DeltaRomeo

    Is Using Zip Ties Safe?

    I wonder if those zip ties are blue to denote a temperature range. I think the temperature on the moon goes from -298 degrees Fahrenheit to +224°F. Blue zip ties might be the most bad @ss of the bunch😎 I gotta find me some blues zip ties for my airplane :)
  18. DeltaRomeo

    The VAF News 2.23.2024

    Thank you to the awesome folks using the newly updated forum software, and those choosing an ‘account upgrade’ subscription. You folks, along with some great advertisers, keep the lights on here. On to today’s edition, and hoping you and yours have a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend. v/r,dr...
  19. DeltaRomeo

    Scammers still lurking

    Post the username and I will lock that account down. It’s pretty easy to do with this new software. Dealing with scammers that is.
  20. DeltaRomeo

    Daily RV Pic