The RV White Pages
listings in 26 countries.


You can pull up the 55+ pg PDF list sorted by:

How to create/update your listinging
To have your contact info listed you must be building or flying a Van's RV kitplane.  That's pretty much it.

Email the following to this email:

(Subject line: RV White Pages)

  1. First, let us know if you are changing your existing listing or are you a new listing.   The words Update or New will do perfectly.
  2. Your Country*
  3. Your State and/or province* (please spell whole word out)
  4. Your city.
  5. Your name (Last name, First name)*
  6. Your phone number* (this is the most important piece of info)
  7. What you are building (3,4,6,6QB,6A,6AQB,7,7QB,7A,7AQB,8,8QB,8A,8AQB,9,9QB,9A,9AQB,10,12,14,14A)*
  8. Where you are in the construction process (empennage(EM), wing(WG),
         fuse(FS), finish kit(FK), remainder(RE), flying(FL) )*
  9. What your N-number is (reserved or active)
  10. What airport the plane is based at in KXXX format, please. (if flying)


Here's an example of a 'perfect' update you are welcome to use as a template:
...especially with the little 'updated info' flags beside the updated parts

Subject Line:  RV White Pages

     Doe, John
     (123) 456-7890
     FS   Updated info
     N12345  Updated info

Send your updates to