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The prototype
First Flight: June 11, 2003  N #: N410RV  Builder #: N/A  Owner: Van's Aircraft, Inc.  Contact Info: VansAircraft.com

Ed Hicks photo.
First Flight: Aug 31, 2004  N #: N220RV  Builder #: N/A  Owner: Van's Aircraft, Inc.  Contact Info: VansAircraft.com

First Flight:  5/20/05  N #: N610RV  Builder #: 40006  Owner: Randy DeBauw   Contact Info: randy at abros.com

First Flight: June 4, 2005  N #: N770BD  Builder #:  Owner: Ed McGinty  Contact Info:

First Flight: June 10, 2005  N #: N231LD  Builder #: N/A  Owner: Lee Williams  Contact Info: N/A

First Flight: June 11, 2005  N #: N104ME  Builder #:  Owner: John Stewart  Contact Info: N/A

First Flight: June 11, 2005  N #: N104LJ  Builder #:  Owner: Larry Feldhousen  Contact Info: N/A

First Flight: June 21, 2005  N #: N410DP  Builder #: 40009  Owner: Doug Peterson  Contact Info: n/a

Stephen Saint – owner builder  Kit #40241  First Flight June 21, 2005  N256H  Contact: saintaviation.com

FF 6/22/06  Jim Weston  N3135F  #40387

First Flight: July 24, 2005  N #: N64VC  Builder #: N/A  Owner: Vic  Syracuse

FF: 10/1/05  Paul Miller  N522RV  #40243

First Flight: 1/1/06  N #: N110LV  Builder #: N/A  Owner: Alex DeDominicis  Contact: www.rvtraining.com

First Flight: Feb 12, 2006 N #: N104CD Builder #: 40170 Owner: Tim Olson 

FF: 3/6/06  N533JD Debbie Dewhey and Jim Erskine

FF: 5/5/06  VH-V10 Andre Viljoen (Canberra, Australia) andrejv at bigpond.com

First Flight: 5/26/06, N519RV, Builder #40250, Owner: Ray Doerr  913.226.0106

First Flight: 7/6/06  N #: N415EC  Builder #: N/A  Owner: Dr. Don Fanning/Jesse Saint Contac  Contact: drdonfa@gmail.com 

First Flight: 7/28/06  N #: N710RV  Builder #: 40044  Owner: Russ Daves   Contact: (dav1111 at suddenlink.net)

FF: 9/12/06  Jim/Julie Wade  #40383  N369JW

FF: September '06  Rich Jankowski / Ricardo Salinas N8925

Jesse Saint – builder  John Moore – owner  Kit #40416  First Flight October 3, 2006  N416EC  Contact: saintaviation.com

First Flight: 10/14/06  N #: N104XP  Builder #:   Owner: Scott Schmidt   Contact: 801.319.3094

FF: 11/18/06  N245RV  Mark Carey  markacarey at msn.com

FF: 12/1/06.  N184JM  John/DeSha Miller  gengrumpy at aol.com

First Flight: 12/11/06, N# N5115Q, Builder #40487, Owner: Jack Sparling, Crestwood, KY  Van’s registered first flight #62.  jhs_61 at yahoo dot com.

First Flight: 12/16/06.  Builder: Ed Ludtke.  Owner Pete & Addie Sanchez.  Contact Petersanchez at rushmore.com

First Flight: 1/6/07  N #: N591VU  Builder #: 40141  Owner: Anh Vu

FF:   Jan. 6, 2007    N 329DR   Owner:  Bob Van Duyn, Del Rio Texas  # 40460

FF: 1/12/07  Builder 40238  Hamilton Cartwright N210HM

FF: 1/19/07  Dave Emond  ZU-RVD

FF: 1/26/07  Gray/Teresa Bridwell  N68TG

FF: 2/21/07 Rick Belsaas N104BR  #40373

FF: 3/25/07  Tom Deutsch #40545  deutscht at rhwhotels.com

FF: 4/1/07  Steve/Theresa Barnard N143EB at Cameron Park, CA

 FF: 4/5/07
Builder: Ted French  C-FXCS  Kelowna, BC (250)718-3557

 FF: 6/6/07
Dean  Sombke

FF: 6/23/07
Builder#: 40336
Owner/builder: Wayne Edgerton
wayne.e 'at' grandecom 'dot' net

 FF: 7/15/07
N #: N104LD
Builder #: 40448
Owner: Dan Masys   Contact: dmasys at cox dot net
(Was RV-10 #90 on Van's Hobbs meter web pages)
Tailwinds,  -Dan Masys (dmasys at cox dot net)

First flight Oct 07 by Squadron Leader Jim Rankin, RNZAF
ncol 'at' xtra.co.nz
Neil & Sarah Colliver
New Zealand

FF: September 2007
Owner/Builder: Glenn Scherrer
Contact: joecool0609 'at' comcast.net
Builder #: 40607
Builder Assistance: Saint Aviation (www.saintaviation.com)

First Flight 12-14-07
N# N324RG
Builder# 40063
Owner: Ron Grover
Contact: rv8grover 'at' verizon 'dot' net

First Flight 3-6-08
N# N423CF
Builder# 40322
Owner: Rene Felker
Contact: rene at felker dot com

First Flight :Unkown
N# N921AC
Builder# n/a
Owner: Dave Saylor / Jeremy Lezin
Contact: jeremy at cruzcarwash.com

First Flight: 03/22/08
Serial Number: 40308
Owner/ Builder: Brian Sutherland of Nashville, TN
Contact: rv10builder at bellsouth dot net
(video clip)

FF: 5/5/08
N #: N442PM
Builder #: 40105
Owner: Bob Condrey  
Contact: bcondrey at cox dot net

Tim Olson photo
First Flight: 11/25/08
Serial Number: 40559
Owner/ Builder: David Maib
dmaib at mac dot com

FF: 6/9/09
Builder/Owner: Don McDonald
Builder #: 40636
Contact: building_partner@yahoo.com


The RV-10 Registry is updated when a RV-10 owner sends me a photo and stats about their aircraft.