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    • ecscrl
      ecscrl replied to the thread WTB RV7.
      It's only a half off with my RV6 for sale listed in the classifieds. It's an RV6 with the RV7 tail so I guess that makes it an RV6-1/2...
    • ecscrl
      ecscrl replied to the thread 2004 RV6 For Sale.
      Oops... forgot to add that. I'll update the listing, but am asking $146,500 OBO.
    • ecscrl
      ecscrl posted the thread 2004 RV6 For Sale in Classifieds.
      2004 VANS RV-6 by Robbie Attaway. AFTT 1683, IO-360 SMOH 420 by PennYan 195HP, ECI cold air sump & ECI cylinders. Whirlwind 200RV CS...
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