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      daveyator replied to the thread writing on aluminum parts.
      I just use a bit of isopropyl alcohol on a rag. Sometimes it needs a couple of wipes, but it’s always worked for me. Never had to use...
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      First time I thought I had worked out an ingenious one man method using a hydraulic lift. Total fail. I wound up with one bolt in and...
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      daveyator replied to the thread Gaps in Wing Tip Closeout.
      That’s a normal RV12 wingtip. Some people don like it and fill all the gaps. Personally I’m not bothered by it, but if it worries you...
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      daveyator replied to the thread Cured tank sealant properties.
      Sounds like you’ve got it right. Once cured the sealant feels rubbery and is not at all sticky to touch. I’ve always just used a...
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