Charity Cap

Get the cap all the cool kids are wearing!

$12 for the 'original' cap (below).  They have fancier stuff if you want to put the logo on those

$5 more if you want your N-number on the back (I put 'STAFF' on the back of mine because it makes me laugh.  Put STAFF on yours too if it makes you smile).

And down the road $10 to the charity of your choice.  That's pretty much the basic idea.  Plus shipping.

Get your own VAF Charity cap in whatever colors you want.  I've never made a penny on these caps, you buy them directly from a little strip mall business a few miles from me.  All I ask is that if you have one made, you donate $10 to the charity of your choice.  It could be as simple as slipping two fives in the Ronald McDonald House slot there when you're out grabbing a quick burger.  There is an 'Acts of Charity' section in the forums if you would like to take a picture of your cap out in the field in whatever colors you chose and tell us about the charity you supported.

I paid for my local embroidery shop to do the one-time setup for me ($65).  I order my caps from them as they wear out, and you are certainly welcome to use them too (you won't have to pay the setup fee if you use my guy:

(972) 317-1686

The 'original' cap style is a (now discontinued but they can substitute it with something close) Cobra GP-R (Stone/Dirt) with blue bars and black lettering.  This one is close to the original and is $11.98.  You can change the colors to anything you want, of course. 

Again, you are free to use your local shop, but you'll have to most likely pay a setup fee that I've already paid for at my local place.

This offer is for individuals only, not companies.  Worded another way, if you're wanting to put the logo on several items that you hope to sell off your website, do not.

Yours in charity,

Doug Reeves

       If you can't download either of these for some reason, email me and I'll send it to you.  dr