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All, I just finished drilling the upper hinge for the top cowling to the firewall. I heard that there were RV14 plans that had more detail on the cowling install. After review I realized that my hinge placement might be too far aft. Once I fit the cowl and have a .040” gap for paint am I going to see the slots in the hinge?

I still have the other side for the cowl undrilled. I am thinking about re-drilling and shifting the hinge about .125” forward to move the hinge pivot forward of the cowling seem. The. Use the already drilled and countersunk hinge on the Cowl. I will bond and rivet the hinge to the cowling since it’s becoming a piece of Swiss cheese.

Thoughts? Move on? Flip the hinge? In order to start over I will need to order more material.

I also left the hinge as one piece and will remove the eyelets for pin removal. RV14 instructions have 2 separate pieces across the top. Any reasons to split? I figured keeping it one piece would add some strength on the cowling side.??


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