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Old 05-26-2023, 08:14 PM
rocketman1988 rocketman1988 is offline
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Originally Posted by jerseypilot83 View Post
Thanks gentlemen for your thoughts. One thing I DID DO was I DID INSTALL ONE EFII fuel bung on each of my ER tanks I just completed (LEAK FREE TOO BTW WOOHOOO)!! So with regard to additional plumbing for the EFII system, I guess I have that requirement out of the way. I am also going with the FS2020 Andair duplex fuel valve. I will be ordering this shortly.

One other potential issue….. please feel free to voice opinion here…
I just ordered my engine and prop. I ordered the MTV 12-B which is the lighter MT 3 blades rated for up to 260 HP. If the Thunderbolt with my standard compression is paired with EFII will this pose an issue and require the 9B??
I’m waiting to hear back from MT.
I run an MT prop. My engine made just shy of 300 hp on the dyno. I spoke with MT several times before I ordered my prop. They noted that the MTV-12 is rated for a maximum of 300 HP. As my engine makes nearly this value, they recommended the MTV-9, which is rated for 450 HP. The penalty is about 11 lbs in weight. What they said was that the MTV-12 would work but from a longevity standpoint, the MTV-9 was a better match.

I opted for the MTV-9 and have been very happy with it.

Some will say that the extra weight in the nose is a problem. I do not see it that way; basically everything loaded into an RV-10 moves the CG aft. With the extra weight in front, I will almost always reach my gross weight before I reach the aft CG limit. This isn't necessarily the case with the lighter prop. Obviously, that is different for every build.

I generally carry some ballast when I fly solo so as to move the CG near the middle of the range. Having flown the entire CG range, I like the way it flies at mid CG...personal preference, really.

Not trying to sway you either way, just giving you a data point in your research...
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Old 05-27-2023, 08:51 AM
TS Flightlines TS Flightlines is offline
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Default Andair Duplex Valve

John---do yourself a favor and order the duplex valve configured for installation in the RV10. We use 4 EF20 elbows for the wing supply and return ports, and 2 MF20 Straights for the front discharge and return ports. IF you order one with the NPT fittings for use with AN822-6D adapters, you may end up with some minor orientation issues. Decide FIRST if you are going to use rigid tubing for the plumbing, or hose ( like ours, no plug here) or a do it yourself version. IF its rigid tubes, you may spend alot of time getting the orientation of the tube to fitting connection correct. LOL---thats part of that 'education and recreation' thing.

Tom Swearengen, TS Flightlines LLC, AS Flightlines
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Proud Vendor for RV1, Donator to VAF
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Ridgeland, SC,
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Old 05-27-2023, 08:53 AM
David Z David Z is offline
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Location: Thunder Bay Ontario
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Three and now four things have sold me on SMS.

1. Plumbing, and this was the big one. The difference between car gas and avgas can be $4/gal where I live. For that price difference, it's worth it to burn auto fuel. By the time a mechanical FI system is modified to fix vapor lock concerns, it's electrically dependent (2 fuel pumps near the tanks). So might as well have electrons run the brains too.

2. Tune-ability for LOP. The thought of doing mixture sweeps, order new fuel nozzles, install new fuel nozzles, do another mixture sweep, repeat as necessary. Then that's only accurate at one power setting, and a compromise everywhere else. That doesn't appeal to me. SDS (probably EFII too) is a bunch of button pushing and done. Go flying, balance the injectors on the EFI controller and it's set. No fiddling with buying new fuel nozzles, no compromise, just push some buttons and done.

3. Burning auto fuel, means no lead. That means O2 sensors and SDS can do closed loop. The computer tweaks the mixture to maintain the desired AFR. This feature is still in development, but has me very excited.

4. I'm Canadian and so is SDS.
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Old 05-27-2023, 10:12 AM
Toobuilder's Avatar
Toobuilder Toobuilder is offline
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Originally Posted by N427EF View Post
I know nothing about EFII or SDS and I am sure they work perfectly as advertised.
However, rapid tuning with a few keystrokes seems to be more of a benefit
to the seller (one fits all) of the system rather than the customer/builder, unless you are a racer or someone who changes engine configurations frequently.
While I am among a minority who fully intends to make changes (sometimes significant) to my airplane through its life, there are still plenty of pilots who are interested in tuning their Bendix and ignition for best efficiency. GAMI has plenty of satisfied customers, after all. SDS offers the ability to do exactly that tuning, and it's very easy to do. Much easier and faster than changing nozzle restrictors and doing repeated flights to hone in on "perfection".

Most builders order their engine and it stays the same for the life of the airplane or perhaps until the first overhaul....

...If you choose AFP for example, there is nothing to configure, same for LSE ignition...
If you ever have to swap nozzles to tighten up a GAMI spread, adjust idle mixture or even touch the red knob in flight, you have demonstrated the required "tuning skills" that make EFI an advantage.
WARNING! Incorrect design and/or fabrication of aircraft and/or components may result in injury or death. Information presented in this post is based on my own experience - Reader has sole responsibility for determining accuracy or suitability for use.

Michael Robinson
Harmon Rocket II -SDS EFI
1940 Taylorcraft BL-65
1984 L39C - SOLD
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