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Old 01-15-2008, 09:43 AM
N208ET N208ET is offline
Join Date: May 2007
Location: St. Helens OR
Posts: 430
Default Hello Tall Pilots

I have a question for the taller than normal folks flying an 8 or 8A. I have installed the ground adjustable rudder pedals in the fuse, yuppie. I am 6'6" with a 36 inch inseam. Needless to say, the pedals are in the furthest notch forward and when I sit in the cockpit, it is a bit cozy, workable, but cozy. My question is how many people have had problems with the rudder pedals hitting the firewall with full deflection and throw in some braking in there. It might not be a problem. I have installed everything to specs. Also, as I sit in the plane, I throw a foam wedge under my butt and nothing on the backrest, which puts my lower back and butt as far aft as possible, thus giving myself as much leg room as possible, but I still would like a little more room for the legs. I know there is a tall pilot option but as I understand it, this only reclines the back more and doesn't change the amount of leg room. Has anybody had the same problem and performed a mod. I have been thinking of sawing a few inches of my legs off, might be a good time to do it.

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Old 01-15-2008, 09:57 AM
gpiney gpiney is offline
Join Date: Jan 2005
Location: The Beautiful NJ Shore
Posts: 409

I'm 6'4" 200# and ordered the tall pilot option with the fuse kit. I understood it only reclined the seatback a couple of inches. My inseam is 34" and I am pretty sure I will be able to touch the firewall with my feet. I just figured the option would keep my knees out of my chest a bit better.
Greg Piney
RV-8 2547
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Beginning Fuselage Final Assembly!
(Tub finished, on to Landing Gear).
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Old 01-15-2008, 10:55 AM
Guy Prevost's Avatar
Guy Prevost Guy Prevost is offline
Join Date: Jan 2005
Location: albuquerque, nm
Posts: 1,186

I'm 6'2" with a short torso and long legs. The first time I sat in my fuse with some random pads thrown in, my feet could touch the firewall easily. Turns out, I was sitting much too low in the fuse. Once I got my actual upolstery installed, the seats angled my legs and bent my knees such that it looks like the rudder pedal position I use is going to be 2-3 notches from the firewall. With the upolstery in, (including the backrest) I can't touch the firewall with my feet at all.

I would guess the overall thickness of my front seat cushions is about 6-7" at the back. Less in front. That seemed typical for all of the RV8 seats I looked at at Oshkosh. Sitting up that high really increases the legroom.

Your results may vary. FWIW, my upolstery cam from DJ at Cleaveland Aircraft Tools.
Guy Prevost
Albuquerque, NM
RV-8a Built, Enjoyed, Sold
Two Kids: Built, Enjoying
RV-10, Bought, Rebuilt, Enjoying
Build / First Flight Video:

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Old 01-15-2008, 11:02 AM
westwinds westwinds is offline
Join Date: Dec 2006
Location: Carbondale,CO
Posts: 47

Fellow tall pilots, I too am tall, not 6'6", but about 6'3". I did get the tall pilot option which as you indicate only reclines the seatback about 1 1/2 to 2". However it may be possible to use this option and also move the bottom of the front seatback to the rear as much as an inch or two. I dont' have my floorboards in or i would check this for you, i think thiere would be room to move the bottom of the front seatback rearward (just move the hinge back). The rear stick may have to be bent a little to clear the front seatback, but you might gain that inch or so you need without making the front seatback angle uncomfortable. The rear seater is going to lose a little room , but if you are willing to live with that i think it could be done. Tony
RV8 QB 0360-A1A
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Old 01-15-2008, 11:19 AM
N208ET N208ET is offline
Join Date: May 2007
Location: St. Helens OR
Posts: 430
Default hummmm

Thanks for the info Guy, by the way, use your site all the time, before I start a new part, I go to your site and get your info, can't thank you enough. I will try putting some more padding down and see where that gets me, it is going to be a give and take thing, my torso isn't that short either, get to high and I will be flying with the cockpit open and using goggles. I have looked at moving the bottom of the seat back and it looks do-able. There is a stiffener right behind where the hinge sits that I could rivet another hinge too. I would have to make a couple of braces out of angle for extra support me thinks. I moved the seat back at the bottom to approximate where it would sit in the new position. It seemed like I was sitting a little to upright but maybe moving the seat hinge back and installing the tall pilot option would more the whole thing back at the same angle. Has anyone moved the bottom back?
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Old 01-15-2008, 11:29 AM
0ptions 0ptions is offline
Join Date: Jul 2005
Location: Blacksburg VA
Posts: 67
Default Tall Pilot

I'm 6'2" with a long torso. I replaced the standard roll bar with the tall pilot option and feel much more comfortable. The adjustable footrests are 2 notches from the firewall which leaves enough room for max deflection. This includes the individual master brake resevoirs attached to the back of the brake actuators. You can play with the seat cushion to change your leg orientation as needed. Good luck.
Doug Sims
Blacksburg VA
RV8 Flying
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Old 01-18-2008, 07:16 PM
drakerv drakerv is offline
Join Date: Feb 2006
Location: Redmond Wash
Posts: 96
Default seat mod

I moved my seat back floor hinge back two inches to try and match the tall pilot roll bar. I had to modify the seat belt anchors but that was easy. Be advised that after the mods you must modify the seat cushion dimensions.Marc RV8A Painting
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