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Default engine mount

I am no expert but my first impression is that your engine mount is not only canted right side down but is also pointed to the right of center. I would get some measurements of the mount itself and compare it to some others.

It would also seem impossible for the engine mount to be made improperly or bent but I had some weldments that were simply not acceptable in my kit. I threw away the copilot stick base and had to totally redo the landing gear mounts.

It would also be very unlikely that the firewall installation is crooked but,... is that possible?

Double check your engine mounts to make sure one side is not reversed on the top or bottom.

Don't throw away the cowl; I know one builder who had his engine/mount on improperly, fitted the cowl, corrected the mount problem, and had to rebuild the cowl. It was accomplished with not to much difficulty.

Dave A.
6A build
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