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Ron grass strip is 8 minutes from Yarmouth. Identifier CLE4. I've never seen such smooth, wide and large grass field. Ron spent 16 years building it. The area was foresty and he made huge hill on one side to level the runway. He said he enjoyed the process very much. He operates his RV10 out of it as well as Cub on floats and a Cessna.

My RV enjoyed company with Ron's planes. She was never by a seaplane in her life.

Then we drove to a famous local restaurant. Ordered famous local seafood dish and a brew. Yum yum somebody missed a lot.

After the meal Ron showed me the vicinity and introduced me to his friends and partners.

This is a strip owned by one of his buddies.

Then we checked the cottage of his partner Allister.

Combat dog. A bit aged but still very sharp.

Allister's experimental Cub. He and Ron own almost identical ones.

Remember we are still at the cottage. In couple minutes a boat goes afloat.

Now look at this Russian. Without personal Gulfstream jet, seven figure exec pay and mega yacht. Nobody believes me I know

Не имей сто рублей, а имей сто друзей.
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