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Default Combo Platter

Got a message last week that there was sick pup in Indiana that needed a ride to Minne for some TLC and possible surgery. I told them I was swamped all week, but could do it on Sunday. Everything lined up, and I could have lunch with Mom in South Bend to boot!

Got out just after sunrise, tower said I got the coveted first customer of the day award!

Strange winds from the southeast down low, so I hatched a plan to go to 13,500 where they were less awful. Here is the Mississippi from way up there....

At 13,500 I don't worry about no stinkin' Bravo! Hi there, O'Hare!

The Windy City

Big Cold Lake!

Nice Lunch with Mom and got to meet a fellow VAF'er, Ethan Beswick, at the Niles, MI airport! Gassed up, and headed off to Valpo to pick up Zoey......

She is a sweet little thing with a bit of an underbite. We bonded......

Turned over 1950 on the Hobbs as the wheels touched down. I dropped the oil and headed home to see Andi and have dinner.

Good weather, lunch with mom, 5.5 in the RV, and helped a pup. Nice day, you betcha!!

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