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Originally Posted by pilotyoung View Post
There is another aspect to this matter, personal financial responsibility. Let's say you are taking a friend for a ride as I do all the time. You have a landing accident and your friend suffers serious, but non-life threatening injuries. By the time he recovers he has $50,000.00 in medical bills. Plus he misses work for two months and does not get paid.

Would you feel responsible for his injuries and expenses? If so, having liability insurance, and medical payments coverage, will get his claim settled up to the passenger liability on the policy.
To add to that, subrogation efforts in the medical insurance arena is on the uptick. Many payers will now ask their members if their large expenses are the result of an accident and will then look to collect from another insurer or the responsible party directly. In some cases, it may not be just doing the right thing.

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