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Default Great Adventures West

Ha! This is all pretty amusing. I'm just now catching up on Vlad's great adventure. We've been on our own, very similar adventure for the last three days over on the Card TV channel. However, through two pilot's worth of skilled aviating, we did in fact make it to the west coast. Currently typing in front of a cozy window overlooking Crater Lake in Oregon. Yesterday was Crescent City to check out the monster redwood forest, before that was Albuquerque. There has been a big turbulence airmet over the whole desert for the past few days, and I can tell you for a fact, that it wasn't lying. We probably won't do that again . We spent 10.5hrs navigating the other day. Over, Under, Around, whatever it takes. 22C turned 1000hrs yesterday. She is throwing just a touch of prop grease that I'm watching carefully. I'm thinking due to the hours of huge turbulence the other day. Hopefully our adventure will continue all the way up to Victoria, BC over the next few days. All dependent on weather. Hopefully, tomorrow we'll be headed out of Medford, OR for Aurora.

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