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Originally Posted by MCA View Post
egarding the low battery:
- connect the VP-X to the configurator on your PC.
- look to see if any of the circuits are faulted, then reset them. The low battery condition causes the amperage to rise, sometimes tripping a circuit.
- also turn on/off the circuits from the configurator (and move the flaps) to confirm they work

Hope that helps.
Worked a treat, thank you! FWIW, the EFIS was faulted due overcurrent and the flaps showed as a flap runaway. Can't explain that one, but it reset okay.

Always good to learn more about the system, in this case, cycling power to the VP-X doesn't clear an EFIS fault. Which is problematic if you have only 1 display. Maybe I can use that as an excuse to get a second screen?!?
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