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Another question for the guru's here before I start trouble-shooting after the weekend?

Yesterday I went out to condition the brake pads and do a fuel calibration before the first flight. The engine started fine, if a little slow to catch, but it hasn't been started for awhile, and the Dynon dimmed during cranking as you'd expect but recovered fully. However, being the knucklehead I am, I forgot to turn on the alternator, so all ground-ops were discharging the battery to the point it gave up the ghost during the fuel cal and the Dynon shut down.

I sourced another battery, started fine, and got back to the hangar, but the Dynon would not come back online, and I appear to have lost control of the flaps, driven through the VP-X.

Given, the P-Mags powered up and I was able to start the engine suggests the VP-X is working, as they're powered through that, but the loss of the Dynon and flap control indicates otherwise.

I can understand if the loss of flaps is related to the loss of ASI data from the Dynon, but any other ideas to consider before I head back up to the hangar on Monday?
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