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Another nice video Smitty. BTW, Adam has a 250' waiver, not surface- not that it matters. There's not necessarily any correlation between aerobatic skill/teaching ability and airshow waivers. There are lots of exceptional aerobatic instructors and pilots out there who don't fly air shows. Plenty of airshow pilots aren't heroic aerobats, they just do it for some level of personal satisfaction. That being said, Adam seems perfectly competent. Though I find his recommendation to recover "a flat spin or something like that" with aft stick and right rudder to be questionable advice. I'm very tuned into spin training in the aerobatic community, and this just isn't taught. Most aerobatic airplanes (including RVs - not sure about the small tail RV-6) WILL recover any left rudder spin, flat or otherwise, with right rudder and aft stick, but for the aerobatic pilot, this is not a good emergency recovery technique. Aft stick and right rudder will prevent recovery for any inverted spin mode. Aerobatic pilots have definitely been known to produce spins of all types by accident. For a right rudder inverted spin, aft stick and right rudder will just accelerate it. For a left rudder inverted spin, aft stick and right rudder will cause a crossover to an upright spin - which can be confusing to pilots who have never experienced this.

There are only (3) widely-accepted spin recovery techniques in the acro community. One is for active recovery, and the other two are emergency recovery techniques. The active technique is what most of us probably learned in initial PPL training - PARE (Power off, Ailerons neutral, Rudder opposite, Elevator forward to some degree). Then there are (2) emergency techniques - Beggs-Muller and the neutral control technique. Beggs-Muller involves pulling power off, applying opposite rudder, and letting go of the stick completely. The neutral control technique involves pulling power, and visually neutralizing ALL controls, and waiting for recovery.

There are good reasons behind these three techniques, and IMO, no other techniques should be (or need to be) taught. And in any case, neutralizing the controls will typically recover any spin type only slightly less quickly as PARE, but is an emergency recovery technique that will work regardless of spin type - unlike the aft stick, right rudder technique.

And all that being said, keep up the good work Smitty.

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