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Default AFP FM200 Pump and Filter Installation in RV-10

Hi All,

I am wondering how the AFP fuel pump/filter assemblies mount in the tunnel on an RV-10. Is there a standard way of doing this--do I use the Van's supplied brackets or is there another set of mounting brackets I need?

I bought an engine that has an AFP FM200 system (servo, spider, injectors) already installed, but I don't have the fuel pump, filters, etc. as the engine came from a flying RV-10 and the owner was keeping those components for the new installation.

I just realized I need to make a decision about whether to install the factory brackets. I guess I could install them and remove later if need be, but that seems a waste of time, if there is another preferred mounting scheme.

Also, related, how have people mounted the Andair fuel valves--the one I have doesn't seem to fit the factory bracket without modifying the bracket; I'm wondering if I should just fab a whole new bracket or modify the factory one?
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