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Originally Posted by jerryab View Post
My RV6A, N331RD, apparently is losing fuel pressure! I say apprarently because I'm not sure how much pressure is required for this engine. I has been running around 4lbs, and lately it has dropped to 1.5 to 2 lbs. I've checked for leaks, cleaned filter, flushed lines and still no improvement! The green arc indicates it should be 4-6 lbs. I have a friend who's RV6A has been doing the same for over 2 years! Is this a problem or this normal! It is a 160 hp. Was thinking of replacing the fuel pump, but don't want to tackle that unless necessary!! The engine is a factory new certified Lycoming with 166 hrs total. Could someone give me some insight. The boost pump kicks the pressure up to 5 lbs, but it bleeds back down after a minute or so when the boost pump is turned off.

Jerry Martin
Jerry, it looks like your flying partner has posted about the same issue in the following thread:

I'm closing this thread so both of your inquires can be pursued in the other thread.

By the way, Lycoming specs call for at least 0.5 psi fuel pressure, doesn't take much to keep the carb bowl full.
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