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Default fuel pressure problems 0320

My RV6A, N331RD, apparently is losing fuel pressure! I say apprarently because I'm not sure how much pressure is required for this engine. I has been running around 4lbs, and lately it has dropped to 1.5 to 2 lbs. I've checked for leaks, cleaned filter, flushed lines and still no improvement! The green arc indicates it should be 4-6 lbs. I have a friend who's RV6A has been doing the same for over 2 years! Is this a problem or this normal! It is a 160 hp. Was thinking of replacing the fuel pump, but don't want to tackle that unless necessary!! The engine is a factory new certified Lycoming with 166 hrs total. Could someone give me some insight. The boost pump kicks the pressure up to 5 lbs, but it bleeds back down after a minute or so when the boost pump is turned off.

Jerry Martin