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Default Nov '07 Air Capital RVators Meeting

Fellow RVators,

Well, the sale of Hamilton Air Patch to a fourplex senior-living-style housing developer unfortunately happened on 2 Nov 07 ending 55+ years of operation. The certified letter I received from the new owners stated that airport operations will cease on 3 Feb 08. So being that we don't have a December RVators meeting, and I'll be out of the country Jan-Mar '08, I figured it would be nice to have an RVators meeting there one last time. I don't know exactly which hanger we will be in...there never were that many there and now there are even less. So take a drive down the gravel road and look for a C-140 or RV-6 parked outside and smell for some coffee; you'll be bound to find us. The runway is in good shape, and the traffic feq is 122.9. If you're driving in, use caution in the Rock Rd construction zone. If you can, to avoid the construction all together, you might want to consider taking Greenwich to 71st, then heading back west a bit to the airfield. See you this Saturday. :-)

Blue skies and tailwinds,

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