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Default Millie flies from Florida to Texas

We had a successful and rewarding Pilots n Paws rescue on Saturday. Millie, a senior (10 years old) German Shorthair Pointer was adopted by a family in the Dallas area last year. The family later moved to Titusville, FL. Apparently, they had some changes in their life and abandoned Millie. She was picked up by animal control wandering the streets of Titusville a couple of weeks ago. Thanks to her microchip, the rescue agency in Texas was notified and they wanted Millie back. So, Pilots n Paws was called in to action. I picked Millie up right around sunrise on Saturday at the Arthur Dunn Airpark (X21) in Titusville. Dorothy, her FL foster "mom", and a friend handed her over to me for the first leg of her trip.

Two hours later, Millie and I landed in Marianna, FL. (KMAI) I handed Millie over to Earl Shaw. Earl is new to Pilots n Paws and is a Marine Corps student Helicopter Pilot at Pensacola. Nice guy and Millie fell for him right away. Millie also met Billy, who runs the fuel operation at KMAI, where they offer $.50 per gallon discount to Pilots n Paws flights. Nice airport and nicer people.

Earl took Millie to Alabama, where he was met by Johnny and Jackie, who would take Millie on to Louisiana.

Johnny and Jackie handed Millie off to Don, in Louisiana. Don flew Millie the final leg of her flight to 52F (hmmm...., that airport sounds familiar).

Millie was reunited with the TX German Shorthair rescue folks. Placing older dogs is harder, but they are confident they will find her a new home. Someone will get a really sweet dog.
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