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It's always a good idea to resize images for online work, and it's not very hard to do. My old Sony digital cameras produced native images at 2048x1535 pixels for a file size of about 1.08Mb. Oddly, just opening them in MS Paint and re-saving them would reduce the file size, but also selecting a 50% reduction produced an approximate 96Kb file size. These days, my phone has much higher resolution and produces images at 4032x3024 pixels and 3.51Mb! Resizing them at 30% gives a 1210x908 image at less than half a megabyte. I find that jpeg is still the winning format; png seems to inflate the file size.

I just use MS Paint because all I am doing is using the resize function, but there are many editors out there, both free (Gimp) and paid for (Photoshop) that can do the same thing and let you do other tasks. Paint has also proven sufficient to do things like put colored circles and arrows in images for emphasis (hums "Alice's Restaurant" ). You can also use the crop function if you need the high resolution but don't need the whole picture, which also helps with file size. I keep my modified images in a separate folder from the originals so there is little chance of losing the original detail, should I need it at a different date. Since just the RV-10 project is running to over 2000 photos (and not done yet), you can see that the raw images take up a huge amount of space. No way would I try to put that online.
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