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Originally Posted by fatherson View Post
Maybe the right question is when are all of us going to be able to buy a copy of your pre-test plan? . . . on Amazon?

Seriously, Paul. I think you should be writing a book, if not now, then soon after your pending move to the quiet confines of the desert southwest. Best Practices in Experimental Aviation: lessons in mission control, by Paul F. Dye. I'll pay for my copies in advance!


Stephen - books take time! You might check out a new series in Kitplanes Magazine that starts with the February or March issue for a few of the things you might be interested in. I'm working to get some stuff writen up in a coherent package talking about planning, training, and flying first flights.

And man, Andy (and others) are right about keeping the crowds down. We had a TOTAL of 5 people on our first flight team, and one "SO" who has years of experience inspecting airplanes that tagged along on the preflight. Any more would have been too many - and every one was ready to scrub if we didn't met our pre-planned criteria for the flight. Chase planes seriously complicate the process if you don't know how to use them correctly.
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