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I did not use chase for three reasons: 1) I was flying out of an airport under a class B and next to a Class D. I did not want any geometry of the chase, relative to me, ever box me in with air space or access to an airport. 2) My first flight plan was always within sight of the airport due to reason 1. 3) I felt dis-simialar aircraft would be bad. We have no RV on the field and did not want a slow Cub or big Bonanza trying to keep up.
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Dave (and others)
Something I was told, and agree with, is keep those who "know" of the 1st flight, as small as possible. This reduces pressure to make the flight with either aircraft or weather issues. We can just walk away and await the issues solved without leaving anybody else any the wiser.
This is a very good point. I did a taxi test in the morning and had a slight oil leak issues when I took the cowl off. By the time I was ready to fly the winds were up. Since there was only the essentials people there, I was under no pressure to go fly. I waited 6 hours to early evening when the winds where down to fly.
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