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Default GA friendly airfield in New York area

Afternoon chaps,

So we will be taking the kids to Oshkosh this summer, bags packed plan was to show the kids NYC before flying onto O Hare collecting the RV and then driving upto Oshkosh arriving on the first Friday in the style of beverly hillbillies no doubt , beer, hotdog and rv chat .

I mentioned to the wife today what if we could rent a 172 in the new york area and cross country over instead as i have my U.S PPL . Her eyes rolled as she knows me and my ideas ! As my knowledge of the NY area is limited to ale houses in Greenwich Village can anyone recommend a GA friendly field that could do my BFR and rental ideally located so thenwife could window shop in the city whilst dad does the hard work in the circuit ,

Many thanks
James, Prestwick
Prestwick, Scotland

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