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Originally Posted by rjcthree View Post
I made the change from the Sensenich fixed as recommended, I went to the sensenich ground adjustable. I did it primarily (90%) to get weight off the nose. The other 10% is look, to be honest. Performance, smoothness running in cruise are about the same. The idle (600-700 on the ground) got a little worse, just rougher, the loss of the rotating inertia at idle matters. I’m curious why you’re making the change.
I think the 3 blade looks nicer, more ground clearance since I operate off grass, less vibration, getting rid of the 2600 RPM restriction of the Sensenich prop, and reduced weight. Also since my airstrip is down in a valley with rising terrain at one end and tall trees at the other end, I am hoping that it gives me a little more drag on final coming in at a 4 degree plus glide slope.

I hope once I make the change that I still feel this way. When all the dust settles and I get a fair price for the Sensenich prop, the swap shouldn't be all that expensive. I only have 90 hours on the prop so it's in excellent shape.
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