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Thank you to everybody who signed up in the last two days! There are about 60 RV-Pilots from all over Europe in the Database now and I hope we can add many more over time.

Also some problems and quirks with both functionality and design of the website came up that weren't recognized before. The biggest ones were solved immediately thanks to my friend Sascha who isn't a RV-Pilot (...yet) but did all the programming and put a lot of time into this project. But currently, only the next five events are shown in the "upcoming events"-section. The other events are stored in the database though and I'm sure this will be an easy fix. Also, there should be a News-Section so I don't have to create dummy-events like this one to inform about updates and other news.

Some more questions came up about how to deal with submitted events. Should they all be published on this site? How are we going to make sure, the events actually attract RV-Pilots?
I think this takes a little effort from the community. Please support me in trying to set up specific events or act as a point of contact for the events you entered. So the key part of this website and associated database is, that we can send out emails to RV-Pilots within the radius around an event, that they specified. For events that were entered several weeks before the actual date, we could send out a more detailed email about 3 weeks prior. There could be a link to Doodle, that we can utilize as a RV-participant list. That way, nobody has to give up his privacy, but others get a good idea about how big the interest and number of potential RV-participants is.
This is an example: Southpole-Fly-in

Looking forward to any feedback and hope to see some of you during the year! If you have ideas on how to make this project better, just let me know! Even better if you have the knowledge to help me implement those ideas.

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