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Default Tuscon over Memorial day

Hey all,

We took the 6a down to Tucson over Memorial day to visit my niece and help her unpack from moving. the weather was really nice. We left KFLY early Saturday and went down via Grants, Show Low and into Tucson. On the way back we came up north to Canyon de chelly.

This is a really beautiful area we had visited before on the motorcycle. Coming north from there back to Colorado you pass over some gorgeous, if rough terrain.

We landed at Animas airpark (Durango Colorado) since the gas was a dollar a gallon cheaper than the Durango airport which is just 5 miles away.

Here we are just before takeoff from Animas.

We came back via Wolf Creek pass and Mosca pass. We had to land in Pueblo and wait out a thunderstorm before getting home to KFLY. All in all a great trip!

Geoff McHarg
2022 dues gladly sent

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