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Default Flying ILS with GPS waypoints

I'm on the final stages of equipping my 9A for IFR. I have the following (relevant) equipment.
Dynon SkyView HDX 1100
Garmin GPS 175 navigator
MGL N16 with Razor control head

I have just started an IFR ground school (Canada, and saw that there are some ILS installations that require GNSS for some or all of the approach waypoints or fixes - including the FAF. Enough background, my question is really targeted at using the HDX HSI and other information blocks.

If I am on glideslope and on localizer, and I have my NAV radio set as source so that I can see my approach on the HSI, is there any way to show GPS waypoints and distances to them on the HDX? I know I can load the approach on the GPS 175 and it will follow along, but just curious if anyone knows a way to show it on the HDX.
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