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Originally Posted by Untainted123 View Post
So, I spent this evening installing the standard static ports in the fuselage, a very simple 1 hour job that so far has taken 5 Oh, well, once again too windy to fly.

I will test all this in flight as soon as the WX clears up again with this horrible wind we have been having all spring.
Finally got around to flight testing after changing my static port location to the standard instead of the piper pitot/static mast. I did use the Avery Tools static ports though, glueing them on the inside with proseal, instead of the normal Van's rivets.

Click image for larger version

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I can report that this has resolved any issues with the AP, and I am very happy. It does indeed work like we are on rails. It got a little porpoise'ey on the glide slope, but I was flying downwind, and ground speed was 140kts+. Chuck had suggested getting slow and configured well before the FAF, so I think that will take care of that problem.

I had also reset all values to their default, so at least for me, in my RV-6, the book values work almost perfectly from the get go, but you really have to have a standard airplane configuration especially regarding the static source for it all to work correctly from the get go.
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