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Originally Posted by Desert Rat View Post
On caravans I've seen guys put the control lock in upside down intentionally to prevent scratching the panels with the flag. This puts the flag on the other side of the yoke, safely not scratching up the panel, but not even close to blocking anything.

Fedex lost a caravan to this very thing a number of years ago. No matter how full proof you make something, there is always a way to defeat it.

As far as using the seat belt as a gust lock, on some airplanes, that's the only way to keep them from flopping around as they weren't designed with a gust lock in mind.
Of course there will always be pilots that circumvent such devices, that's called a deliberate irresponsible act, something beyond the makers intentions! I never use my seatbelt, it can get damaged as they are not designed for anything other than holding a person. I have a long length of "hook&Loop" strap that I wrap around the control stick and secure it to the seat frame.
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