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Originally Posted by jliltd View Post
I have had a horror story with Star when it came to a totally legitimate claim. A friend had a professional ferry service move his Super Cub and the highly-rated yet green ferry pilot ground looped the heck out of it at the first fuel stop. The ferry outfit (operated by some lady out of Austin who is a hit on the social media sites) had Star. So ...Star is full of ****.
I have zero experience with Star, so this is not a defense or indictment...but it sounds like Star was trying every avenue to minimize exposure to their client. And it bears stating that the airplane owner, in this case, is NOT their client (unless the a/c owner had hull coverage with Star.). My takeaway is to check with my insurer before having my plane ferried. I assume if the plane was damaged, my insurance would pay me and then go after the ferry company for restitution. Sorry for the thread creep.
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