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Default Ground Injuries

Originally Posted by Kooshball View Post
Most responses on this thread are only dealing with passenger risk...what if you have an abrupt in flight failure and crash into a crowded building, or land on a road causing a bus full of people to wreck? Clearly none of these limits will be enough.

Bigger question seems to be how to get the rest of your assets out of reach...would a trust or an LLC help here?
While occasionally, though rare, RV sized (even the -10) single engine general aviation aircraft accidents have caused individual fatalities on the ground, it's quite rare for these accidents to result in multiple ground fatalities even when there is a direct hit on a vehicle or structure. One can worry all they want about liability for this type of risk but the data points to it being incredibly low. Frankly, if you're that risk averse you probably shouldn't be flying GA aircraft in the first place!


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