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I had 7 1" binders with notes, drawings, sketches, calculations, and no physical pictures. I had a thousand digital pictures. No time log and only dated notes in several formats. Some on vendor instructions, some on Vans drawings, some in a note book and some in word. The (excellent) DAR opens one binder and asks me a question and then stopped me. He was satisfied I did build the airplane.

I must have looked a a dozen ways to do documentation and tried 4-5 ways. Even digital, to upload manage files and have access to the original files from any platform in the house was difficult. Having electronics around flying aluminum dust is not good for the equipment. Thoughts are fleeting, so keeping something close at had worked best for me. Although my documentation is good, it is certainly not organized for general review, but any specific need to know can be found, but not like a search bar. The one thing that was hard to find was pictures of me working. I had lots of "hand" pictures which the FAA found funny in the repairman interview. That seemed to be acceptable.

It might take 100 hrs to scan and get it uploaded and still not be in a searchable database order.

The tools and methods to achieve the FAA expected outcome need to be available and a long opt-out transition time for the in-process builders, the conversion at the end will be very painful. It is recommended they think through the whole process, not just the FAA end, and help facilitate accessible tools and processes that are easy to use. Then there is that kit bought with no build documentation at all.

Good luck Rock, keep this moving, we want to hear about your first flight!!

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