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Originally Posted by Phil Sprang View Post
I just wanted to add a data point.

I ordered my 14 empennage in May. 2021. I picked it up this morning, January 2022.

I did not know that it shipped until I received a Bill of Lading email from ABF Freight. It took about a week to make the journey from Oregon to the Atlanta area.

The freight was COD and ABF called me for payment before they would schedule a delivery. The bill was about $960. I requested a Will Call pickup with ABF for two reasons. I didnít have to wait around for the delivery and I figured it was one less trip on a forklift and less chance for damage.

A couple days ago, I got a pop up message on my phone that I was getting a $230 credit from ABF.

This morning, a buddy and I picked it up. The crate was in pristine condition and while I havenít inventoried it yet, it appears there was zero damage. I am missing the tailwheel stinger mount and the trailing edge which are both backordered.

In the video that Vans put out last week they talked about using their established trucking companies verses trying to find some budget operator. I concur and will vouch for ABF. I couldnít be happier with their service. It appears they refunded me a portion of the charges since they werenít making the final delivery. They would not have had to do that and Iíd have been none the wiser, but they did. That earns them a gold star.
Phil, thanks for the data point. If I understand correctly, you had no idea that your kit had even shipped until called by the freight company. If that was the case, I think that this is what I and others are referring to when itís brought up that better communication would be helpful. The updates so far have been enlightening and certainly help everyone to get their heads around the reasons for delays, but the lack of direct communication for individual orders and timeframes is whatís lacking. Thatís what most of us are hoping to get.

Thanks and good luck with your build!

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