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Default TruTrak yaw damper problem resolved

I've been trying to resolve poor yaw damper (YD) performance in my RV-10 for 2 years. Even flew it to TT HQ, where they found a wiring error I'd made. But issues persisted, including a long period (6 sec) hard yaw oscillation.

Finally figured out that the bracket I was using for the YD control head had a little bit of flex, which must have allowed the YD head to vibrate/oscillate in flight. I screwed the yaw damper control head to the belly of the plane (with shims to keep it level). All performance problems appear to be resolved. YD now works fine. It does a great job of damping yaw induced by turbulence - far better than I can do with my feet on the rudder pedals.

TruTrak support was very good throughout the process.
Tim Lewis
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