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Default Hey John - -

As I recall, I had to remove a slot about 1" wide almost to the outside edge of the air duct. I used a Dremel with cutting wheel, and made the cut as thin as I could. The rear corner of the duct will stay in place if you originally RTV'd into place well. I think I used one of the special end socket extentions to allow a slight offset because you can't get a straight shot at that screw. I used the same RTV that I used to intall the air duct to put the piece back in place. I put a piece of clear plastic at the rear so the RTV did not fill the end of the cap screw. Not a fun job, but do-able. I now wished I had taken a little more time and built an alum corner cap that could be screwed on for easier access next time. I don't plan to take it off again unless one of the other 3 show ANY signs of movement. I also do not plan to put a torque wrench on them since it will weaken the Loctite if moved. If the screw has not moved, I feel comfortable with it still being tight enough. After several more hours, mine have remained in place perfectly.

John Bender

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