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Originally Posted by majuro15 View Post
I'm thinking for those who need to fix this, would it be feasible to remove the fuel sender unit and get access through that hole? I know it's tight and would require small hands, but it'd save cutting a new hole in the tank.

I plan to remove the fittings this way and patch the wrongly placed hole from the outside. Then relocate the fitting. If planned out properly, I think I can accomplish it without too much extra work.

John, separate question but do you have a source for the electrical connectors you are using? They seem like a nice solution.


Wow looks like I am in the same boat. I installed the BNC connector for my capacitance fuel quantity indication system in the same location. I will have to see how the center wing spars fit. I am hoping they just clear. Or I will have to cut holes in the rear baffles and install new ones. Man what a pain.
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