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Originally Posted by Tacco View Post
Lets be clear what you mean by "stick pressure". Do you mean you have to apply stick pressure to keep the aircraft level after the flaps are extended?

It may not be related, but you should be aware that due to the geometry of the control system, if you hold the stick perfectly rigid during flap extension the aircraft will roll right slightly. This is because the stick to bell crank push rod moves in an arc. I compensate, almost sub-consciously, by not holding onto the stick so tightly.

To convince yourself of this, on the ground, hold the stick rigid and not the movement of the opposite stick. It will move out, then in as the flaps are extended.

My two cents anyway.
As I lower the flaperons the stick starts wanting to move left. I have to apply pressure to keep the stick centered. If I were to let go of the stick, I feel certain the plane would want to roll left. I hope that makes sense..

EDIT: I suppose I could be having a brain fart.. I'll fly it later this week and confirm it's wanting to go left and not right..
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