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Gosh, Tom...
Please tell me what you did for a living here in North Texas before you retired!?

I'm going to sell my business and follow in your footsteps / career! I took three vacation days a few weeks ago, and these were the first days off in over four years. I need a change!

In short, I am WAAAAAAY jealous! It appears you and your wife are having a blast, and that is so great! What a great trip you are having! Please keep the PIREPS coming.

Fly safe!
Gary Robertson
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* Hoping Vans decides to offer a bush plane, before I order something else! **EDIT**: got tired of waiting, and bought a '46 J3 Cub! **EDIT EDIT: the Cub will be for sale, the day Vans offers the new RV-15 for sale!
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